Wednesday, 31 October 2007

HotDogs for Supper

Last night Riaan went to an ST Club Meeting and I couldn't be bothered cooking so I made the girls hotdogs. It was a huge hit and they polished them off in minutes!
My little dare-devil

Taking my plate to the kitchen

Big Bite


Munching down...

Monday, 29 October 2007

Face Painting with Megan

Face Painting Yesterday.
I painted Megan as a Lion and Megan painting my face as a "Princess".
Not that I look much like a princess but she took great pride and time with her "masterpiece".

My little lioness

Growling and "in character".

Roaring at Kaylin and making her laff

Kaylin Pix

Kaylin in some gorgeous afternoon light yesterday...I love this curious look on her face. She enjoys when the camera comes out and either poses or tries to grab the front lens of my camera causing her to giggle ...

Kaylin and Megan enjoying a moment.

Kaylin's Bollematjiesies on the couch
Things aren't always happy...

Megan keeps Kaylin happy and amused.

Here's a Tantrum in Progress

The outburst

The veins start to pop out and the face goes red but note - no tears

Got distracted by my sister but I'm still whining

Is anyone still watching me and the "show"?
I guess not...all forgotten and a smile appears.
All done.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Fooling Around

Here's Megan fooling around at swimming while the other kids work hard. She's doing so well at Learn To Swim. She can do crawl, backstroke (her all-time best and favourite) as well as breast-stroke (Froggie Swim). We are still working on Butterfly. Its very tricky to get that bum-wiggle just right.

Teacher Marinda is now training them with flippers so that they can get the leg-kick just right - small splashes with straight legs. Megan loves her new bright yellow flippers.

Megan is preparing for her exams on the 1 November 2007. So keep her in mind and send some karma her way to wish her luck. Her teacher says she is a natural and has nothing to worry about.

Keep up the great swimming, my fishy Megan!!!

More Megan Swimming

Megan showing a friend "the ropes"

In Action


Megan At Swimming

Presenting our very own little Penny Haynes

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Monday, 22 October 2007

Family Photo - October 2007

The girls playing "house"

Megan and Kaylin at School

Megan with Jarred and Brandon

Kaylin with Teacher Bella

Friends: Megan, Jarred and Brandon

Not Easy Splitting Roles

I’m taking strain at the moment…its hard being a mum to one very sick baba (Kaylin was at the doctor this morning - R340 later -and she has a secondary infection after the chickenpox) She’s been spiking fevers all weekend and yesterday she was so lethargic and limp from the fever. Its scary.

Then I have Megan who is jealous as all hell because the sick one is getting all the attention. I have to be a happy wife to a very depressed hubby who’s in the process of changing jobs and not a happy camper.

I’m physically and mentally exhausted and I feel like crawling into a hole for a week and sobbing until it all goes away.

I'm hoping things get better. This hasn't been a very position or healthy 2007! Roll on 2008!

Bokke Day at Work

Our Public Relations "Fun and Games" Department. The front of hte shirt says Bok'olicious and the back says "Bok Befok"

The Group of Us

The pile of biltong that was polished off in about 5 minutes.

Drinks on The Bokke!!!

The Shooters, knocking 'em back and the massive pile of biltong...


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