Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Weekend Pix

Kaylin (22 months)Still loving her bottie

Megan - Ben 10 Girl
Showing off her Ben 10 moves...

Monday, 26 November 2007

My Sleeping Girls...

After a VERY busy day on was lights out for both the girls.
Spider Girl and Jordie..

The ST Club Braai in the South

Some of the STs that came to visit us on Saturday for a braai at our place.
Some more STs and some of the ST Club Members

Sunday, 25 November 2007

More Playboy Bachelorette Pix

Some of the party bunnies... Melissa - A Pole Lotta Fun

Tandy - The Bride to Be

Tandy - workin' it! Go Gurl!

Posing on the Poker Table

Tandy and her son, Devon
More Bunny poses...

Melissa - the professional - showing us how its really done...

Girls of The Playboy Mansion

The Bunnies got down and pole danced the night away for Tandy's Bacheloreete Party. It was a complete blast and Melissa taught us some funky moves around that pole of hers...

Some of the bunnies...

Nicolene, Tandy and Liezl

Tandy and her Little Red Devil

Contemplating that pole. I was surprised it held my weight!

Hangin on for dear life...

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Playing Dress Up

Yes its Megan in a lasted all of 30 seconds while we took the photo. Took some convincing for her to even just "dress up" in a skirt. *sigh*

she loves this shirt and is convinced it fits her! *rolls eyes*. She actually wanted to wear it to school the next day. Its age 12-18 months?!?!

Its laik THAT!

Megan disappeared into her room after ripping the dreaded skirt off and this is the outfit she came out with on.

Super kewl or what??

...and with shoing-yer-muscle-attitude...

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

A Poem for a Special Friend

At first wet met at Homemakers Fair
And even then, I knew you were rare
Warm and soft-spoken and very shy
It took some time to figure out why

Sharing an office and chatting all day
We got to know each other that way
I got to learn your kind heart and soul
We grew close and firm friends formed

You lift me up when I am down
I hug you tight when you frown
You have been there for me when I need you
I hope I can do the same for you one day too.

You make me laugh until I nearly wee
You make me want to be a better me
A friend like you is difficult to find
So I’ll hold on for a little while…

Monday, 19 November 2007

Through the Eyes of Tash

My man My Boerewors

Maxing and Relaxing...

At Home in the Garden

At home in the garden....yesterday

Kaylin loves the mop!!


Botanical Gardens Yesterday

What a gorgeous day at the Botanical Gardens....
Not only did we go to have Tash take some pix of the girls...I took a few of my own

Matron of Honour Dress

My next fitting is on Wednesday...they actually have to take the top part of it IN!!
Two weeks to find shoes!!!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Kaylin in the Handbag

Look at this guilty face...she loves scratching in my handbag

and still VERY attached to her bottie.

My Megan

A Huge Scare

Riaan was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday night!

I woke up at 3am wondering where he was and there he was curled up on the couch with lower belly cramps and was sobbing and crying uncontrollably with PAIN! 

He was doubled over and wouldn't let me touch him. I was so worried. I had a friend, Percy, come over and take him to the ER (coz I have to stay with the kids). I was besides myself. I said my prayers over and over but I'd NEVER seen him like that. It was VERY scarey and I can't tell you how guilty I was because I couldn't go with him to make sure he was okay. I asked him if the pain was just on the one side (I was thinking appendix) but he said its lower down about 4-5 inches under his belly button! I can't tell you how worried I was.

Riaan got back from the ER at about 5:30am after they put a drip in his arm, pumped him with adrenalin or morphine or god knows what, before he'd even seen a doctor! He lay there for 45 before realising that he couldn't sit still a minute longer - he said he was jittery and HIGH as a kite - so he ripped the drip out of his arm and bolted out there and came home before the doctor even saw him! I'm so cross.

He had me so frikken worried and he said yesterday morning "I'M FINE!".

I made an appointment with our GP for him yesterday morning because I insist on knowing what caused the pain. I had flashes going through mind - so many!!! I had visions of Brad and Julia...I've just gotten off the phone with Julia and see I have a missed call from Theresa and Nads.



The doc says its a lower intestinal bacteria or virus i.e. tummy bug thats going around. The Pain was probably caused by the cramping muscle spasms in his intestines. Doc has given him a 4 in 1 muscle relaxant, anti-bacterial, anti-spasm, anti-virus and Kantrexl for his diarrhoea. He said if he takes it now, at lunch time, later afternoon and before bed, he should be better by this evening... Hear THIS ONE!!! Riaan says personally he thinks its the Russian and Chips he ate for supper. I mean really?!?! Next he'll be telling me it was just a HUGE FART.

Here I am stressing my arse off and he tells me its indigestion????? Gosh he really had me worried. I was praying my little heart out for God to spare him...

He's fine today and has a little bit of dull ache left...he's keeping an eye on it...

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Pigtails and Others

Playing with Mum's things..

I found a key! And THATS what its for!

Our Wee ST Fan

Megan put on Riaan's TEAM ST shirt and wouldn't take it off. She thought she was sooooo kewl.



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