Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Conversations with Megan

Driving to the shops in the car yesterday
Megan : Mummy, God lives in our hearts, hey?
Me : Yes, Megan
Megan : *thinking* Does he stay there forever?
Me : Yes, Megan as long as you want him there.
Megan : *puting her mouth over the aircon vent*
Me : Megan? What ARE you doing?
Megan : *patting her chest* I'm giving God some fresh air

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Little Shoppers

Kaylin with her hat and bag Megan's turn with the hat
More Posing

Megan The Rock Star

I wanna be a Rock Star when I grow up!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Singing Happy Birthday


Granny's Visit

Granny (my mum) Opening Birthday Presents
Playing Soccer
The Girls on the Jumping Castle

Megan's 5th Ben 10 Birthday Party

Ben 10 Birthday Cake with Megan's face on

Ben 10 Party Packs

The Birthday Pinata
The Birthday Girl - 5th birthday

The Jumping Caste Before the friends arrived

Friends arriving

Cracking the Pinata


Some of the party goers

Singing happy Birthday

Blowing out the Candles

The Presents!
Mum, Mother in Law, Sister In Law

Kaylin relaxing and eating all the Cheese Curls

Friday, 18 January 2008

Happy Birthday Megan

I'm 5!
Very early morning cake and blowing of the candles.

Cake for Breakfast! :-)

Prezzies! King Action Man.

And a John Cena shirt

Happy 5th Birthday, Megan my wee Button

Happy birthday my wee Button
You’re 5 and still spoiled rotten
We love you to the moon and back
Even when you sing “crack is whack”.

You love Ben 10 and all the boys’ games
Soccer, rugby and ten pen bowling
You’ve got a great sense of humour
That keeps us rolling

We throw our knickers in the ceiling fan
We paint our faces and jump on the bed
We swim and sing and joke around
Laugh until we’re nearly dead

You’re a fun loving tomboy with a sensitive soul
I tell you I love you everyday as that’s my goal
We share special secrets and whisper in each other’s ear
Snuggle in bed together and hold each other near

You are a special girl and in everyone’s heart you creep
Without you we would sob and weep
Soon you’ll be going to Big Girl Grade One
And I’ll be so proud but my baby’s gone.

I love you Megan and want you to know
That I’ll love you no matter where you go.

Happy Birthday Meggie Pie.

Brackendowns Floods

The townhouse complex in Andries Street with their gates torn off from the over-flowing river. Look at all the grass and debri between the railings.

The gushign water tore the fence off and it landed across the road!

We stood on the bridge to get better shots of the full-to-capacity river.

Thursday, 17 January 2008


At Claire's place drinking champagne for breakfast!

The Focus ST

The 3 ST's together
My baby

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Flowers and a Bumble Bee

The Flowers outside my window
Then a bee came to visit

My new hair cut

Had loads of layers put in


Megan playing with her cars
Kaylin pointing to an aeroplane overhead

Pushing her dolly in her Pram


Megan playing with her new sword

Face Painting *again*

daddy got roped into it too :-)


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