Thursday, 28 February 2008

One more Sleepie

Yes, only ONE more sleepie to go and then we're off camping!
Its going to be a goodie this time, we're off to Buffelspoort with the regular HKGK (Hier Kom Groot Kak) gang. We even have Norman joining us this time, which we're all really excited about. (For the first time in 3 years!)
The girls are very excited about the in-door pool and swimming all day, every day.
They are excited to be sleeping in a tent again and staying up late and sitting around the camp fire stuffing our faces with marshmallows.
It's going to be nice to get away after our very busy few weeks in Jo'burg. We've been working really hard lately and we all deserve a littl time away.
Its also going to be a great opportunity for us all to spend time together with all our friend, celebrate Mandy's birthday and Kaylin's birthday and spoil them a little.
Will post lots of pix when we get back!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

So Excited


Megan's Presents

Kaylin's birthday but Janie bought Megan prezzies too.
She got a chocolate bunny and some funny glasses which she wore to school today.

More girlie prezzies from Janie.

A wee bag, beads, a bangle and fluffy dress up shoes.

She loves the sound of the click-clack on our wooden floors.

Happy 2nd Birthday Kaylin

Happy Birthday my wee princess!
The cake that was a huge flop!

Tearing open her prezzies

My girlie-girl dress up shoes from Aunty Janie...

Sitting on my new musical chair with my beds, bangle and high heel shoe on...]
(still in ma jammies)

My Musical Chair (a HUGE hit)
A very excited Kaylin
Megan's present to KK - A remote control truck that plays music.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Kaylin Turns Two

My wee Peanut

Today you’re two
And still so tiny
You love to laff
And shake your hiney

The cutest giggle
The sweetest face
The baby’s gone
Without a trace

Its bitter-sweet
But you’ve got to grow
Into a little girl
With clips and bows

You’re my girlie girl
Who loves wearing dresses
Playing with my shoes
And yet making messes

Painting with yoghurt
Colouring walls with pens
Jumping on the bed
Swinging on the fence

You love fun and laughs
Tickles and games
You love your cuddly toys
Watching the rain

A stubborn girl
That stomps her feet
When you can’t get your way
And Feel that you’re beat

Throwing tantrums of note
Whining and screaming
But you’re still my little Miss
That leaves me beaming.

Full of character
Such a pleasure
My last little girl
My tiny treasure.

I love you my KK!!

Monday, 25 February 2008

My Girls as Newborns

My Wee Button
Megan Three Days Old in NICU
2.6kg and 48cm long
My Wee Peanut
Kaylin One Day Old
2kg and 48cm long (she was teeny weeny!)

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Monday, 18 February 2008

My Big Sis off to a function looking HOT

Janie and her beloved Guitar

My sister lookin' HOT

Sweet Janie

Me being a nutcase

Strike a Pose, gurl!

Calvin's 5th Birthday Party at Jungle Rumble

KK in the ball pit

Megan and Ryan in the ball pit under the slides
Playing silly buggers.
The Birthday Boy - Calvin
the Party Goers
Birthday Cake Time
Megan wanted to give Calvin some soopa kewl shades for his birthday...
one of her three prezzies to him

Mandy Being Rude!

Mandy! Next time don't be so camera shy and then I won't take pictures of you givin me rude're such a pleb!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Andrew and Vanessa's Wedding

Green Leave Wedding Venue - Harties

The Reception

The Chapel

The View from where we ate brekkie

The Dining Room
The Pool
The Reception Hall
Signing the register
Horse and Carrige

The Reception
Andrew and Vanessa
More Wildlife
the Gardens
The Cake


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