Monday, 28 April 2008

Fooling Around with the Cam on the Way Home

The Monte Casino Bird Park

Monte Casino

MacDonalds Fans

Just a little story that our PR department stumbled across when preparing for a presentation on our new homemakersonline and mobi.

These two guys decided to make a video about how much they loved MaccieD's chicken nuggets - this is what they posted on YouTube (very funny)

MacDonalds then approached these two guys and came up with this:

These guys are now EACH worth $2 million thanx to Maccie D's

Now THATs the power of Social Networking....amazing hey?

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Achey Breakey Boobies

I guess I shouldn't have spent an hour on the Dance Stage Universe yesterday. Stupid me! My chest feels like its on fire today. I didn't realise I was on the mat for so long but Riaan said I was on there for over an hour! No wonder I was sweating like a bear! I'm suffering today.

I suppose I should realise I had surgery just over a week ago. *sigh* Today was the first time I've taken my pain killers in ages!

Feel the burn...

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Dance Stage Universe

The latest craze in our home....

It so much fun!
Here's Kaylin giving it a go after I'd spent about 40 minutes with the thing and I was sweating my toosh off. Its a great way to exercise and have fun!

Fun with the RC Car

KK helping daddy set up

KK putting the top on

Trying out the remote control

Megan and her Daddy

KK giving the car a wee push

KK and her Daddy

Megan not very impressed because she ran through the long grass and got black-jacks all over her pants. The is the face of unhappiness?

The sun in the sky was gorgeous

Loved this big old tree


Thursday, 24 April 2008

Kaylin Gets 4 Aquatots Badges

It was KK's prize-giving last night for Aquatots and she earned 4 out of her 10 Aquatots badges. According to me she should've earned more but unfortunately the teacher lost Kaylin's card that she completed during her exams.

I was so proud of my wee peanut. She's doing great and will continue until mid June and then stop for winter. Her lessons are early enough in the afternoon (4:30pm) for it not to be too cold to take her out into the winter night air and risk her getting sick all over again.


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