Monday, 30 June 2008

Ever walked 1km in 4 inch heels???

I went to gym during my lunch hour today and when I got out, my fucking car wouldn't start!

After lots of cursing and bashing the steering wheel, I got out the car.

So, what do I do? Without even thinking, I start walking back to the office, which is probably about 1km from the gym. 

I knew I couldn't phone anyone to come and fetch me because I don't take my hand bag or cell phone with to gym (for security reasons). 

I thought "Och, its not that far".

*Humph*! Yeah right!

It was good exercise but now my toes are burning and my new four inch heels are worse for the wear because I had to walk through a large veld to get back to the office :-(  

I'm such a Plonker, why didn't I just go back into the gym and call someone at work to come and fetch me?

That'll teach me to stop, think and react - instead of just flaring up in anger and just GO! GO! Go!

I'm such a silly bitch my poor blisters are still throbbing!! 

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Kaylin's Second Hair Cut

I took KK to have her hair cut on Saturday morning at Tiny Trims in Alberton. She cried through the entire cut and looked completely terrified!

R65.00 later, she came out looking so cute and like a wee boy.

A short cut but her hair is so thin, I needed to do something to make it neat.


A wee mushroom haircut

Megan's First Sleep Over at Oumas

Megan had her first sleep-over with her Ouma on Friday night. We went to go and visit my MIL on Monday night and she nagged me the entire week to go and sleep over at Ouma's house. I eventually called my MIL on Thursday night to ask if Megan could in fact sleep over on Friday night. She said OF COURSE and Megan was delighted.

I got a call on Friday from Ronel, my SIL who planned a ladies weekend this weekend and she wanted to tell me that her two boys Werner and Morné (11 and 9) would be sleeping over too.

Megan was soopa excited that her cousins would be there too.

It all went off without a hitch and she was dead chuffed to spend time with her Ouma, Oupa and her two cousins.

Friday, 27 June 2008


New Shipment of Mooncups have arrived.

Order Now

Eat your Veggies - Pop'rs

My daughter Megan has always been a poor eater. She eats like a bird most of the time and she has always hated eating her veggies. I even have to bribe her to eat fruit! I think the cocoa flavour Pop'rs would be the perfect flavour for her to get her to eat her fruit and the cheese Pop'rs to get her to eat those dreaded veggies that she picks at. It would make me life a LOT easier.

Enter the competition at : and read about Pop'rs

Thursday, 26 June 2008


I have never been particularly close to my dad. When we were growing up I don't remember playing games with him or him being silly with us and making us giggle like my mum always did. I remember him being around but he was the old fashioned type of dad - not very "hands-on".

Something I remembered very VIVIDLY today....

When I was a little girl staying in Scotland, my dad had to go where the work was in Great Britain was going through a major recession in the late 70s - no work locally. He'd be gone for months at a time working on the islands or in England and he'd send money home to my mum to look after us. (The reason we immigrated to SA)

This one time, my dad had gotten a job in St Kilda (island off the north west of Scotland). He was away from us for 6 months! When he was due to come home, my mum told us he was coming home and we were all so excited.

I remember standing outside our front door waiting to get sight of him. I stood there for what seemed like an eternity...Eventually I saw his frame in the distance, walking up the street and I ran as fast as I could to jump into his arms and feel him squeeze me.

It was the longest run ever - I remember feeling the wind whistle past my ears and it felt like I was doing it all in slow-motion (like in the movies) and I remember launching myself into his arms and squeezing him tight. It was the best cuddle ever. After we'd hugged tightly for what seemed like forever, we walked up the street to our house hand in hand. I remember grinning from ear to ear like a cheshire cat and was so proud to be holding my dad's hand and so glad to have him home.

I don't remember ever feeling that close to my dad.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

some of my mum's visit I missed

Fixing the bike Cleaning the bike


Megan in a Frock!

Yes you saw it here! Its Megan in a dress!!!

We got some second hand clothes from a friend yesterday and there were loads of dresses in there. Megan actually tried them on and wore them last night. She said she'd wear them to school in summer but that remains to be seen.

Here's the proof!

Doesn't she look adorable!

Couldn't leave KK out of the dressing up...
Here's KK's famous grin. This is the face I get when I point the camera in her direction these days....

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Megan at the Dentist

Megan went to the Dentist recently for the first time *blush* and all was well.

She was very brave and let the Lady Dentist look in her mouth and cleaned her teeth.
There was no problems and she said her teeth were perfect and that she looks after them well. We only have to go back in a year's time or if she has a problem or her baby teeth start falling out.

Megan in the waiting room

Megan in the Dentists' chair

Do You Want Some Cheese with that Whine?

Dictionary Definition: whine (hwīn, wīn)

v. whined, whin·ing, whines
1. To utter a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound, as in pain, fear, supplication, or complaint. 2. To complain or protest in a childish fashion.
3. To produce a sustained noise of relatively high pitch: jet engines whining.

Do your kids do it?
Please tell me I'm not the only mother that wants to throttle her 2 year old when she starts with the long and high-pitched mouse-like sounds? I want to tear my hair out and pluck my own eyeballs out with a rusty tweezers!!

Surely, it is not just me that wants to just jump off the face of the earth when that fretful habitually complaining starts? It infects me as insidiously as does cancer or any other terrible disease.

I have theorized that there's a recessive gene that seems to be present in about 99 percent of young children : The Whining gene. If only DNA or some other scientific phenomenon could account for why so many of our kids resort to whining when they want something.
Stop Whining in 4 easy steps
or MY THEORY to crush The Whining Gene - just buy a good quality set of earplugs. (If it was only that simple)

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Birthday Bash

My birthday get-together at O'Hagans was great.
We had a blast and it was lovely to have all my friends together.
It made me very happy.
Here's some pix
Les and Shaz

Me and My sister, Janie singing to the band
Richard and Shaun

Linda, Tanya, Shaz

Pam, Mel, Mandy, Janie, Richard

Belinda, Jannie, Tania, Riaan, Conrad, Jean, Les, Shaz and Jax

Pam, Norman and Percy

Jax, Janie, Belinda

Dale and Jacqui

Janie's Blue Steel Look


Mandy and Gillian

Saturday, 21 June 2008

We're Babysitting Birdies

Megan's teacher, Anneline let us have her two wee budgies for the weekend and Megan is faffing around them - feeding them, giving them water, playing with them and generally very chuffed that they are here.
Their names are Piet and Pietarina Gouws (don't ask) and they are just so sweet.
Their little squawks and whistles are actually so nice to have around the house.
They're part of the family for the weekend!

Mum's Visit

Three Generations of Girls

Megan playing 'hairdressers' with Granny


KK make food in her little microwave

Playing Pirates

Thumbs Up

Cuddles with Granny

The whole family

Wearing Granny's Glasses

Friday, 20 June 2008

Alligator? Indicator?

Megan : Mummy!

Me : What Megan?

Megan : You didn’t use your alligator when turning the corner!

Me : *trying hard not to giggle*

I really didn’t know I had an alligator in my car??

I usually use my indicators when in the car turning a corner.

How cute is she?

Thursday, 19 June 2008

South African Epiphany

I don't know about you but jislaaik I'm now getting really gatvol of all the bad news. South Africa once again seems to be falling through its own poephol. I think I'm going to puke if I hear any more shit about Jacob Zuma, Zimbabwe, Crime, Eskom, the Oil Price, Inflation, Soaring Food Costs, Bafana Bafana or even friggin Paris Hilton.
I've absolutely had it with all this negativity, doom and gloom! I'm really SAT of it all ek se!!! How about you? I mean it's not like I want to gooi the ostrich vibe and bury my head in the sand. This shit is real and it's serious and it's happening all over…but not to me….YET!!! Nevertheless I can't help but read it, hear about it it, see the headlines, hear the rumours…EVERYWHERE. It's like they are brainwashing me boet. And the worst part of it is that I feel totally and completely HELPLESS. Useless. Disempowered. Castrated (almost.) Frustrated (completely.) I keep getting this heavy ball of anxious dread filling my guts and it feels really KAK! And the worst part of it all is that I am a motivational speaker who needs to stay positive and optimistic.

To top it all off, winter is coming so I can't even feel good about the lekker weather any more! Peter de Villiers, our new Springbok Rugby Coach, was quoted in a Sunday Times interview published on 4th May as saying: "The local media thrive on negativity. They have nothing good to say about their country. If there is something bad about this country the local media will break a leg to be the first to write about it. They're a bunch of negative people who live in a world of their own, and are merely there to earn a living and not make SA a better place." I agree completely with the ou. I'm think that most of our journalists, reporters and editors are uninspired, negative, disaster focused, sensation seeking, sad sorry scumbags. They find fault in everything and never propose any workable solutions.

Many of the ordinary people of South Africa are busy doing wonderful little things every day, but none of it is newsworthy.

Here's the truth:

There are roughly 6.6 billion people on planet earth. And according to the World Health Organization, some 56 million deaths occur per year, at the current global average. That works out to about 153 400 per day. That's right – 153 400 deaths every 24 hours! So it's not really hard work to find disasters, accidents, catastrophes, murders, muggings and general mayhem to fill the headlines. It's actually pretty easy. But during that same 24 hours, about 350 000 babies are born. That's right, every 24 hours, around 350 000 beautiful, miraculous, perfect, pure, happy, untainted, precious little beings begin their journey on this planet.

And what do journalists write about this? Fuck all that's what!

Unless of course a six month old baby is stabbed to death – then we never stop hearing about it! Every day about 48 million of us get up, take a shitt, clean our teeth (hopefully) and get on with our life. And many of us perform little acts of respect, compassion, kindness, service, giving, helping and creating.

As Cath Jenkin wrote recently in her blog: "There is noise and joy and emotional honesty in the way we live. When we as a nation are happy, we celebrate. When we are sad, we are sad together. Does anything else really matter? At least we are together in the queue for petrol and/or torches." But for our media this is not newsworthy. It's just life.

So I gave it all a lot of thought. Then I did some more real deep thinking. And guess what - buggerall happened! So I stopped thinking for a while, by learning to meditate. Then I stopped reading most of the newspapers. Then I stopped watching the news on TV and listening to the news in my car. And I stopped listening to people with negative chirps and bad energy. And I stopped focusing on what was going wrong in my life. Then I started to meditate every morning, after doing some simple yoga stretches and synchronized breathing exercises. And I replaced my morning cup of coffee and cigarette with some herbal tea and a dagga joint. (OK – joking about the joint!) And I re- read the Power of Now and Conversations with God and a Short History of Nearly Everything.

And I began to visit an awesome positive website called And MAN did I start to feel better. MUCH BETTER. Then I started to watch every sunset possible, ride my bicycle, watch funny video's on Youtube, work in my garden, walk on the beach – I fu&%#ng started living again BRU! From the inside out!

And it finally hit me between the eyes, an epiphany:

You can't change your thinking in order to improve your behaviour. You need to change your behaviour in order to improve your thinking.

It's taken me many years of searching and many many books, self development courses and personal growth experiences to come to this simple truth.

So if you, like me, are feeling anxious, concerned, depressed or gatvol, why not try changing your behaviour and DOING something differently, from today. For example:

Greet every SAP policeman you meet with a friendly smile or handshake and thank them for protecting you and your loved ones. Boy do they need some motivation!

  • Visit Often.
  • Read an inspiring book.
  • Write a poem.
  • Get into nature (or walk barefoot on your lawn!)
  • Write down everything you have to be grateful for. Every morning.
  • Play inspirational music, especially when the news comes on your radio.
  • Find some way to exercise your body a little more. (Endorphins are lekker!)
  • Try out one of the 100 available techniques of mediation or relaxation.
  • Watch the sunrise and/or sunset.
  • Create a morning ritual to make your day beautiful.
  • Find out and speak about the good news.
  • Choose to be happy.
  • And don't allow the media to fuck with your mind.
Most importantly, seek out and speak your own truth and live a whole life. You deserve it. And in doing so, you will change your life and make a massive difference to this special place we call home. PS: To all the media people out there - I'm all for a free press. Really. I'm just sick and tired of your continued obsessive focus with everything negative. When are you going to realize that you are not merely reporting on what is happening – you are CAUSING some of it by your actions. Yes – YOU! You are helping to perpetuate a dangerous cycle of violence and destruction. I accept that bad news sells, but soon there will be nobody left here to buy it! Please cheer up and get a life or piss off and go find another job. Serious. I've had it with your sensationalism and scandal. Enough already. Start doing your job and working a little bit harder to creatively seek out and give some headline space to the good stuff going down in SA.
Trust me, it's there! (Pheeew it feels good to have got that off my chest!!!) I wish you an awesome day.
Choose to make it that way!
Mark Berger. (Trainer/motivational speaker)

Itz Ma Bifday! Itz ma Bifday!

29 today!

Erm, well, as long as I can get away still "sort of" looking 29 - I'm 29 okay?!?!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Monday, 16 June 2008

ST Club Weekend at Barberton

Riaan, the girls and I went on Holiday to Barberton for the long weekend with the Ford ST Club. Here is us arriving very early morning at Mandy and Percy's.

Look at the Frost still on the grass!!!
It was damn cold!!!

Leaving Alberton Ford

Along the road

Badplaas Convoy

King of Speed Convoy

Gathering at King of Speed


Me and Riaan
A special moment
Reception at the Cockney Liz Hotel Barberton CBD

Main Street


Mandy and KK

Paragliders. Boy, was I burning to do this!!

Megan and Friends

Riaan at 200kph

Percy and KK


Best Friends



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