Thursday, 31 July 2008

Saturday Jol with the Girls

A night with the, Mandy and Mickey.
We had a good time just chatting and laughing enjoying a good few glasses of wine.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Had a Photoshoot...

I had a WONDERFUL intimate lingerie photoshoot done today for Riaan.
It was a personal shoot so unfortunately no one gets to see the pix except my hubby dub.
I'm VERY happy with the results and I hope he will be too.
Here's some shots of the studio that I took with my phone camera
(as thats as much as you guys are going to get to see) *giggle*.

Getting the Floors ReDone

We lifted all our laminated flooring to redo the foundations. Here we are in the midst of re-screeting... What a mess!!!

The Many Faces of Megan

Excited Cross (sorry about the blur I was laughing so much)

Funny Faces
KK's bump on her head

Monday, 28 July 2008

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Kaylin Then and Now

My Peanut Scan at 30 weeks
37 weeks pregnant

One Day old

A few weeks old

4 months Old About six months old

9 months - first tooth!

One Year

18 months with chicken pox

Two Years

Almost 2½

The Girls' Favourite Things...

Kaylin has an obsession with her wrist watch!

She hasn't taken it off for about 5 days now. He looks at it every now and then as if she's reading the time and then gets anyone to look at her "Watz". She even pulls up her sleeves high so that no one can miss her "watz".

Here she is admiring her beloved time piece that has been through the bath too many times, the face is cracked and scratched and its still works!!

(Not too bad for a freebie with her Vital choice vitamin syrup).

She also loves being a dare-devil

Giving her cheesey grin for the camera (he she has an eye infection)

With another two of her favourite things....

Chocolate and her TEDDY

Another of her favourites.... her Teacher Tasha "Sha-Sha".

Megan and her Teddy

Megan has ALWAYS loved Flings - from when she was a baby.

Watching TV is another of her favourite things to do...

Megan's School and Friends

Teacher Candice and Teacher Annelie
Teacher Annelie and Megan

Paulina and Megan's classmates
Some of Megan's Classmates with Paulina

Megan's new Teacher Lelanie and some of her classmates

Monday, 21 July 2008

Rocky Horror at the Victory

We went to the Rocky Horror Show at the Victory Theatre on Saturday night and Riaan and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was fun, rauncy and a very talented cast. We went with Sharon, Les, Irma, Hans, Roxy and Robz. A great time what had by everyone. So if you want a fun night out. Get dressed up and buy tickets to the show. Its a brilliant laugh.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Megan is 5½ Today

22 week scan -blowing bubbles
3D scan
30 weeks preggies
Megan's Birthday Bracelet and cards
One Minute Old
A few weeks old
5 months

First Toofie Pegs
First Birthday
Two Years old
Three years old


Four Years Old
Five Years Old

5½ Years old


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