Sunday, 24 August 2008

Conversations with Megan

First Conversation on Friday night.

I was watching Megan rub two MacDonalds chips together so....

Me : Megan, What are you doing?

Megan : My teacher says that if I rub two chips together I can make fire.

Me : *trying VERY hard not to laff*. Megan, I'm sure your teacher meant if you rub two
STICKS together you can make fire.

Megan : *giggle* Oh yeah!


Second Conversation with her Dad last night.

Last night Riaan told Megan that we had bought a new light bulb for her night light.

We have been keeping the bathroom light burning all night lately because her night light's bulb had blown.

When Riaan told her that we can use her night light again, she said:

"Daddy I don't need a night light anymore........*long pause...obviously thinking of going to bed in the dark*... Ermmm But you can leave it on for Kaylin".

Yeah right, Megan...for Kaylin... for Kaylin...

Playing Ball Yesterday

We spent the afternoon yesterday outside in the glorious spring weather. We played ball and cricket and I took some snaps...

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Friday Night at the Hefers

Riaan had a meeting to go to - the Ford ST Club's AGM was last night.... so I decided to invite a few girlfriends over for a glass of wine - naturally.

My sister arrived with her Laptop full of pix from her recent trip with her new man to the UK and many stories to go along with them. News about my family in Scotland and picture of where we grew up and used to go to school. A lovely trip down memory lane.

My best friend Mandy joined us and shortly after that all her grown -up kids arrived with their significant others.

It was lovely to have everyone together at my house for a change and even though I don't have that much space to entertain and that we don't smoke inside - it was grand.

I think everyone thought it was "Party at the Hefers" but I wasn't really in the mood for debauched party complete with next-day-hangover.....otherwise I may have cranked the music and plugged in the karaoke microphone. I wanted to just relax rather and unwind from a VERY busy week with a glass of wine and a fag (which I did).

My week was hectic!

Not only was work chaotic with me running around like a chicken without a head and being VERY grumpy about it, but I went to gym at lunchtime 4 days out of the 5 weekdays...

Monday and Wednesday nights was swimming with Kaylin (where I have to get us both dressed and undressed and get in the pool with her AND take Megan along). More hectic bumbling around....

Tuesday was swimming with Megan.


Our girls night included Megan and Kaylin and much to their delight, they got to stay up late, Run riot, play XBOX and watch Cartoon Network to their hearts content. The enjoyed eating copious amounts of cupcakes and chocolate.

We all ordered in Pizza and stuffed our faces and polished off three bottles of wine.

We had a good natter and laff.

What more could a girl want on a Friday night after a hectic week??? To spend quality time with girls friends over a few choice bottles of vino??



Altogether now "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"

Megan - The ST Chickie

So chuffed with her new Team ST Shirt for the club events...

How gorgeous is she?


KK in her new Bratz dress Snoozing
Playing the drama queen.

Channel surfing
Throwing one of her "wobbles"

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A Typical Saturday at Mandys

Donovan and RichardMel, Pam, Me
Karaoke! and messin' around
More Karaoke
Mandy (My best fwend) and her two sons


Monday, 18 August 2008

Play Date with a Friend

Anja and Kaylin on her Bratz Couch.
Megan and Kaylin
Megan, Anja and KK (doing her famous pull-up-yer-sleeves-move)

Girls playing in a box! so much fun
on the pot!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

KK with her new Things

Her new Barbie Watch
(and we all know how much Kaylin loves to fashion her new designer time pieces...)
Here is Madam with her new shopping trolley. Showing the professionals a thing or two about bargain hunting...


The girls had fun playing Scalectrix with Riaan today.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

My Ben 10 Gal

Ben 10's Biggest Fan
About to "Go Hero!"

" Going Hero"

Kaylin Being Silly

Aquatots and Learn To Swim Prize Giving

Kaylin got another four badgets at Aquatots Prize Giving last night. She only has three more to go and hopefully she gets them all this season and I don't have to get in the pool with her anymore! Looking forward to that.
here she is with her Aquatots Certificate looking dead chuffed with herself.
This is her T Shirt with all her badges that she's received so far. Still space for another three!
Here's what she can do...
We'll have to work VERY hard this season to get her to float on her back with me. She does it fine with the teacher but seems to panick with me. She will try to roll over and cling on to me like a little monkey...

Megan - my water baby

She completed her Seal Certificate and now moves on to Dolphin.

She got a bronze for her butterfly stroke and a certificate!

I couldn't be prouder *beaming*


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