Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Megan at Swimming

Getting ready to dive. Megan is the shorty in black and away they go! I can't even swim that far and they do it over and over again for an entire hour. Backstroke, Crawl, Breaststroke and Butterfly.... With her kickboard warming up
Warming up
Doing Butterfly stroke

Face Painting

I face painted with the girls this morning.
Megan's Angelfish Megan's snake
KK only sat still long enough for me to scribble a flower on her cheek.
Megan drew me a bunch of grapes

Willards Original Cut Sweet Chilli Crisps

Can you tell me WTF this is????
I found it in a package of Willards Original Cut Sweet Chilli Crisps - the 30g packet. I felt sick when Megan showed me....What the hell is it???

Sunday, 21 September 2008

More 21st pix

Norman and Richard getting his keyDirk smelling his sock
The girls
Wouter and his girlfriend
Percy and Richard
Percy and Roy getting the braai ready
Pinkie was on hand to help us clean up
Mel and Leeane


Norman giving his speech and getting emotional..
Ouma lookin' "kwaai"

Justin and Megan

Leeanne and Pam
Mel and Mickey giving us "the HAWT look"

Piet and Irene - still in love after all these years...

Janie playing silly buggers
Janie and Mick take a quick break to pose for me while playing a game of pool

Janie, Mick, KK who was stuck to Mick all day and me
Justing looking oh so dashing

Donovan and Megan

Donovan and Zoe
Fiona, Natasha and Irene
Me and Mick
Riaan wearing loads of edible glitter

Shots and Ladders at Richard 21st

Shots and Ladders which was wicked!Dirk sucking the spilt booze off the board

Dirk was the only one to do a dare -

I dared him to put his leg in to pool up to his thigh.

He's such a great sport, he did it without the blink of an eye!

Bless Him!

Mandy posing with the board


Happy 21st Birthday Richard

The Room Decor
The Collage of Richard Thru the Years Richards Ice Cream Cake

Boyz at the Bar

The Men at the Bar
The Girls
Justin getting some cheerleading practise in with Megan....
(Dirk's rude gesture in the foreground)
Justin displaying some testosterone


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