Friday, 31 October 2008

Its Official

I've hit the 7kg mark with my weight loss.
Still going strong...
Off for my colon hydrotherapy next today, Saturday and Sunday is a pure vegan diet (fruit and veg only)
I have Bentonite, Calphonite, Fibre Blend, Fibre and Herb, Chlorella, Digestive enzymes, Vitamin C, Ultra Flora Plus DF and Manozone to take before my treatments next week (Monday to Friday).
Wish me Luck!

My Beautiful Babes...

Me Ben 10 Fan

showing off her stickers

Here...have one.

Halloween Girls

Megan went to school today in full Skeleton Costume - and I tried the face painting myself.
She was so chuffed with the outcome...

Couldn't leave KK out of the fun. She got whiskers and a little pink nose.
Megan being mean...

The gals together

Megan trying to get "mean"....heehee

Okay so the radio was on a little too loud this morning...

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Happy Halloween!

The origin of Halloween lies in the traditions of the Celtic people.

The Celts coalesced as a society circa 800 BCE. They were located in what is now the United Kingdom, much of Western Europe and an isolated enclave in what is now Turkey. They held a major celebration near the end of our month of October, which they called called "Samhain", a festival to recognize the end of summer. The story that "Samhain" was a Celtic God of the Dead is a myth. However, it has been repeated so often by conservative Christian and secular sources that it has taken on a life of its own.

The Celts believed that the veil between this world and the next was thinnest at this time of year. Friends and relatives who had died would often return, with their souls inhabiting an animal - often a black cat. Black cats have remained a symbol of Halloween down to the present time.

In celebration of the recently completed harvest, Celts would give offerings of food to the Gods. They often went from door to door to collect food to donate to their deities. Also, young Celts would ask the townspeople for kindling and wood, and take it to top of the hill for the Samhain bonfire. These are two of the possible origins of present day "trick or treating."

Samhain was a fire festival. Sacred bonfires were lit on the tops of hills in honor of the Gods. The townspeople would take an ember from the bonfire to their home and re-light the fire in their family hearth. The ember would usually be carried in a holder - often a turnip or gourd. They felt nervous about walking home in the dark; they were afraid of evil spirits. So they dressed up in costumes and carved scary faces in their ember holders. They hoped that the spirits would be frightened and not bother them. Children continue to dress up today in various costumes. Pumpkins are now the objects of choice to carve faces into.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Piet's 50th Birthday

Surprised Piet Justin and Shaun - The Beggers

Chris and Mandy
So pwetty!
Did I start something or wot? Shaun with bottle tops in his eyes.
Bottle sword fighting...or was it?

Percy and Mandy enjoying the dance floor space

Mel and Justin


We did this to Norman's food while he was MIA. Norman and Riaan - Cheers!

Percy and Riaan

Percy and Mandy dancing - Percy looking so happy.

Percy with the corksWhat was i doing?

Percy giving his speech

Irene and Piet 'langarming"

Riaan and Justin - those nostrils are fierce!

Norman's Fizzer Spin
(took him a while to figure it out why his drink was bubbling)

Wickus listening to speeches The girls wigglin' it

The Manne

OMW! Yes thats me. Boy, was I in a silly mood.

Mandy and Percy dancing and being zapped by Norman and Chris ??

Friday, 24 October 2008

Silly Photo of the Year Competition

So…thanx to Shaun who gave me an idea for the
Silly Photo of the Year
How it will work:
Everyone who has a silly photo of someone in our group of friends – send emails it to me and I will post them on the blog as I get them. Email
Voting :
You will then get a chance to vote for your favourite by way of a poll (see the right hands side of the screen)
Judging :
Because it’s a poll, YOU decide the winner so no bias judges (not mentioning names here)
Rules :
Only two stoopid photos of someone in our group per person (see? even Ouma qualifies!)
Halloween! For those of you who don’t celebrate, that’s the 31st of Octber. I will post the winner on the Blog on the 1st of November.
The Winner :
Winner will receive a little something special…..just wait and see
Happy Digging!

I will not be revealing who submitted which photo until the Winner is announced.
(I don't accept bribes)



No. 6 (Below)

No. 7 (Below)

No. 8 (Below)

No. 9 (Below)

No. 10(below)No.11 (Below)

No. 12 (Below)No.13 (below)No. 14. (Below)No. 15(below)

No. 16 (below)

No. 17 (below)

No. 18 (below)


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