Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Another Vid



We're off to swim! Getting in...
Having one of her wobbles
KK being silly
Megan perfecting XBOX 360 Guitar Hero III

KK baking in the sun


Rough Stuff

So today was a test of my patience - or rather impatience.

I took the girls to The Glen to return some stuff I'd bought from Woolies the other day that wasn't quite suitable. I packed a bag for them with snacks, drinks and things to do so they wouldn't get too bored.

You'll be proud that I was still semi-patient by the third interruption of my shopping because KK need to go "wee-wee". Yes, the third trip in half an hour. My thoughts were : aw well she's little and she's drank too much this morning already (bearing in mind it is scorching HOT here at the moment).

I started loosing it when she bit her sister on her arm so I immediately paid for my parking and we left to come home. I hate sibblings fighting and bickering.

When I got home, it was my turn to dash for the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom, KK thought it was a good idea to get into her shoe drawer and empty an entire bottle of J & J's moisturing foaming bath oil into every pair of her shoes!!!

As I was cleaning up from that fiasco, KK got hold of another bottle of shampoo from Megan's cupboard and rubbed the entire bottle into the carpet in her room. I saw BLACK - not even red. I gave her a smack and put her in the bathroom, figuring that she surely couldn't get up to any mischief in there?!

I was wrong!

While I was cleaning the carpet in her room, she unraveled most of the toilet roll and dipped little handfuls into the toilet and proceded to "clean" the floor with her little balls of toilet paper. If that wasn't enough....

(I know - now you're starting to NOT believe me right??) Wrong! Its all the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help me!!!

...she had made a poo in her potty and decided to "clean" the floor with her sloppy poo.

Oh Brother! or should I say Oh Monster?!?!?!?

I can't stand it anymore. KK just doesn't listen...you can warm, you can smack, you can put her in time out, you can try to ignore...disciplining her is a MISSION of note. I know not where to turn...

I needed a cigarette after all that ...so I went outside on to the stoep (closing all the doors that she could possibly go in and create another commotion)...

The dreaded noise....SILENCE!!!

I knew she was up to something. She had managed to get the top off her sippy cup and was pouring the contents onto the coffee table all over her brand new cardboard puzzle.

I kid you not!

What do I do with this child?

I have a few ideas that pop into mind but I don't think I'd be very popular with child services.

Having an almost 3 year old is FRUSTRATING to say the least and to add a little spice to that, a 3 year old who does not show the slightest remorse or learning from her punishments....

I'm convinced her ears fell off somewhere along the line and she's making fun of me in her dreams while she's napping right now. That little smirk just tells all...

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Meg Dances Hip Hop


Mac and Cheese is her Favourite

Turn your back for a second and she's smearing her Mac and Cheese on as make up!
KK is impossible when she's bored.

KK dances to Flo Rida "Low"

Did she just grab her crotch???

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star



Megan and Riaan went to a friend to play Guitar Hero today. I didn't go because I fancied staying at home.
KK and I did some painting...and played with Bubbles

The finished artwork

Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Lunch at Mandy and Percy

The men came up with a gorgeous menu this year. Yes it was their turn to cook and they did an AMAZING job. So they ladies could kick back, enjoy a glass of wine, a swim and a chat and the youngsters played pool and swam.

Well done guys and thanks so much!!!!

We had a choice of three starters:
- Chicken sauted crepes in a coconut and peanut sauce
- Grilled Haloumi Salad with a Basil and Red Pepper sauce and chilled Melon
- Seafood cocktail medley with shirmps and muscles in a pink sauce

Then we had the main meal which was leg of lamb, roast chicken and smoked gammon with roast potatoes, rice and gravy and greek salad on the side.

We finished off with choice of puddings: malva pudding or christmas cake with either custard or four different favours of ice cream.

We all stuffed our faces and frizzled out pretty early because of our late night the night before...

A great day...

The Haloumi starter Wickus and Friend playing pool
Natasha - is that alcohol??? Hmmmm must have a chat to her....

KK giving us a cheer with her pom poms
The ladies toasting with a glass of wine.
The men in the kitchen...

One of the head chefs was in fact a fairy...

KK took a serious liking to Jarred and played with him and Richard for ages

Janie looking pensive during lunch....what were you thinking Janie?Irene - Cheers!
Dirk - I've been in that kitchen for FOUR HOURS!!!
Ellen and Ouma enjoying their lunch
Liz and Mandy
Megan doing a cheer with the pom-poms

Christmas Day at Home

So we opened most of our Gifts at midnight on Christmas Eve this year, so these are the gifts that the girls could open at our house on Christmas Day.
Loot under our tree
Opening The Gifts Megan with Her Dig and Discover
KK opening his Kim Possible Clothes
Megan with her Biker Mice
KK with her favourite gift - her tea set
Megan with her roller bladesKK's first BarbieMegan with her Wall-E

Christmas Eve with Friends

So we did the R20/30 gift exchange for the entire group of friends on Christmas Eve at midnight and yes the girls did make it until then. We were still going strong at 1:30 on Christmas morning.

It was so much fun as loads of the gifts were "gag" gifts but some really funny stuff came out. Some really lovely and useful stuff too.

Here's all the pressies before we started openingHere is the GroupPercy with his Airzooka


Riaan with his wings and dummy



Megan opening gifts Megan with fake moustache and false teeth

Justin and Sam

Jarred and Power Ranger Richard

Ellen with Kitty

Donovan with his Naas Botha Teeth
Dirk opening his soppa teeny tiny gift - it was a condom!

KK opening her pressies...


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