Saturday, 16 May 2009

2nd Official 2010 December HKGK SA/Swaziland Tour

Today we are having our second official 2010 December SA / Swaziland Holiday Tour meeting. We have to decide on places to stay and adventure activities to do. Can't wait to hear everyone's input - I've found some really kewl stuff to do.

Swaziland have safari day tours on quad bikes (now that should be interesting) and we're thinking of staying at a place were you go on safari on the back of a trailer in a jacuzzi! We'll be staying in tree houses in the bush at Pezulu Tree House Lodge.

Now all we have to do is start saving and planning how the camping group are going to go about touring in cars, 4x4 or if we're going to hire a coach with a driver so that we can all be together...

stand by for details.

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