Friday, 19 June 2009

Dining Out Tonite

Had a lovely day at work with the girls all wishing me Happy Birthday. I got lots of phone calls from friends and family which made my day very special. I even got a call from Ouma from Durban (Mandy's mum)...

Charmaine bought me the latest bump CD, Sharon bought me a beautiful crystal necklace and Linda bought me the most stunning little fairy for my desk. My mum sent me money which I'm going to use to get a well-needed and much-overdue haircut.

Riaan is taking me out to dinner for my birthday tonight. He has organised Mandy (my best friend) to baby sit for us while we enjoy a quiet, adult birthday alone (for a change).

Looking forward to spending some alone time with my Boerewors.

It's well over due.


Denise said...

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear blogging friend, happy birthday to you.

My Mom and Dad paid for me to have singing lessons but I snuck out the back door and bought ice-cream...... hahahhaha but I can try!

Nocturnal Queen said...

Happy birthday!

Gillian said...



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