Saturday, 20 June 2009

My Birthday Supper

Riaan made reservations at The Royal Boma in Alberton and we had a long leisurely supper, throughly enjoying just being alone with each other and able to chat without interruptions and able to eat a meal in peace and take as long as we wanted. No rush! It was lovely.

The girls had a Sleep Over with Mandy and Percy. They had a ball giving each other massages and playing with Missy the dog.

Thank you Mandy! You're the bestest fwend eva!!!!

Percy and the girls

Percy getting the royal treatment from the girls

Megan and Percy

Megan gets a turn Kaylin's turn
Hand-standsSound asleep on their mattress on the floor, next to Mandy and Percy's bedThe next morning's mess on the dining room table.
Welcome to my world, Mandy! :-)

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