Saturday, 13 June 2009

orifice reshuffle

So today we moved our home orifice...erm office around and tidied up a little. We put away bits and bobs that had been lying around here collecting dust. We moved the furniture so we can all be in the room at the same time without it feeling crowded. We all now have our own little area in the office (or computer room as Riaan calls it).

It is now much more "user friendly" and the furniture is laid out in such a way that Riaan and I can now both be on the computer (my computer is now gone wireless), we can look at each other over the over-sized desk, the girls have place to play so they can be nearby us and its just much more "cosy" and a happy place to be.

Its nice to both have our own corner and work space.

Riaan is listening to old music while he plays some gaming programme or the other; I'm catching up on my much-missed blog reading; Kaylin is sitting on the floor next to me playing with Riaan's gaming steering wheel. I'm hearing "zoom neowwwww" noises; Megan fluttering around from each of us and is now nagging to play her Pinata game and we all see content to be in the same room.

Why didn't we do this before??

The only problem is - its freezing in here. We will have to remedy this very soon. Time to buy a gas bottle refill for our heater...then, I suspect, we won't leave this little hidey hole of ours...

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