Sunday, 12 July 2009

Afternoon with the Peto Family

Yesterday we went to Riaan's ex-boss' house for a braai. It was a lovely afternoon. The girls got to play with each other and with the dogs and the 5 week old puppies.

Sharmone, Cheyenne and Kaylin

Cheyenne, Sandor, Kaylin and SharmoneYours truly
Sandor and Kaylin
Cheyenne on her bike about to throw her shoe

Megan and Sandor
Megan had a blast driving her bike over the swimming pool cover

Kaylin playing with blocks

Inside : Me, Megan and Chanté
Mum's daughter or wot?
Around the braai
The boyz


sandor said...

Brilliant....I love it.


Gillian said...

glad you enjoyed them


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