Friday, 3 July 2009

rantings of a mad-man .... dad.

Yes we've never seen eye-to-eye but my dad is an old-fashioned Old School husband and father. Not really involved much with our up-bringing and doing his duty for the family by bringing home the bacon and laying down the law from afar (generally the pub)...pretty much.

My dad actually phoned ME this morning! I thought something was wrong because my dad never phones me unless he's well-oiled and wants to blether on about nothing or when my mum is up here in Johannesburg for a visit.

My mum is up here in Joburg for my sister at the moment. My sister had her perfect wee baby girl, Claire, last week Friday and my mum has been here with her ever since. She's helping out with the housework and just giving a wee bit of moral support Janie and Mick. She plans to return to Natal on Tuesday.

So the conversation goes like this this morning:

Dad : "Gillian! I want you to go around to Janie's house and sort things out there!"

Gillian : "What's wrong dad?"

Dad : "Your sister has just had a baby and she's having to look after a house full of people. Mick, your mum and now she's got her boys!!". (My sister Janie has two older boys of 13 and 11 and are staying with her for the first half of their school holidays).

Gillian : "Dad, I'm sure she can handle it".

Dad : "Yes but that Brad (my sister's ex husband) is being so unreasonable making Janie take the boys while she's just gotten home with a new wee baby".

I started trying to talk to him and give my opinion and he just kept interupting me and talking louder and louder. I lost it! I told him he should shut up and let me finish one complete sentence before yelling at me again down the phone (in the car on the way to school may i add). I eventually got him to keep quite while I got my 2million ZIMBABWEAN dollars worth in.

Gillian: "Dad, Janie is happier than she's ever been. She has Mick, Mum, her boys and Claire. She couldnt' be happier. This is HER choice. I'm sure if she couldn't cope with it all she would tell us".

Dad yelling: "But I just worry about everyone and I don't think your mum or Janie is coping".

How the hell does he know?? He hasn't set foot in Johannesburg since Kaylin was a year old! How does he know how my mum and Janie are feeling? It was my sister's choice to have all the family together. He thinks that my mum is a fragile piece of porcelain just waiting for the wind to blow and topple her over into a million little pieces. My mum is a lot stronger than he thinks. She certainly doesn't need him to tell her how she's feeling!

He got me so worked up and riling that I could've spit this morning and went out on to my balcony at work and chain smoked three ciggies! He just know how to piss on my battery.

Bottom line.... He HATES being separated from my mum and he just wants her home. How else do you explain his juvenile rantings???

And his excuse for shouting was that he's old and going deaf. Well, he might be going deaf but I certainly aint!


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