Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Light Fingered : CFL Mercury Light Bulbs

CFL Mercury Light Bulbs release dangerous amounts of mercury when broken. The true and false statements....

TRUE : CFLs contain mercury which is a potentially dangerous substance.

TRUE: While mercury stays safely contained in intact CFLs, it escapes from broken CFLs into the immeidate surroundings.

FALSE : The amount of mercury contained in one CFL bulb poses a grave danger to a home's inhabitants.

TRUE : The breakage of a CFL bulb needs to be handled with care and certain procedures should be followed in removing the broken bulb and its contents from a home.

FALSE : The mercury dispersed by one broken CFL bulb needs to be dealt with only by an environmental clean-up crew.

Read more on what to do if you accidentally break a fluorescent bulb in your home at CFL Mercury Light Bulbs

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Comella said...

Interesat blog.

Hanlie said...

Good heavens! I had no idea... I'll be sure to be careful with these in future. I'm usually very careful with mercury...


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