Thursday, 24 September 2009

I am a Finalist!!

No !I didn't enter Britian's Got Talent... karaoke certainly has not improved ten-fold overnight...

...I recently entered a competition on Fresh Eyes on London and you'll join me in my elation to know that I am one of the six finalists that will be put into a hat and drawn by we are social.

So pending that my life-long shitty luck miraculously takes an up-turn and I win, then I will have to find some extra cash lying around to buy a couple of tickets to London.  Either that or donate the prize to my Brother In Law who lives in London and he can pay me back by sending me truck loads of Mars Bars and Penguin Biscuits the UK...

Hold on to your hats, Ho's, I may have a holiday coming up VERY soon.

1 comment:

Gunn White said...

And you did win!
Have a nice trip, and do not forget your camera!:-)


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