Friday, 25 September 2009

I won! I won!

Fresh Eyes on London and we are social just named little ol' moi as their winner of their Win a Trip To Brussels competition.

I don't think I've won anything like this in my life! Apart from the odd school raffle and free samples, like everyone else, but certainly nothing as big and as exciting this!!!

I'm thrilled and gob-smacked all at the same time.. When I saw my name on Mo's blog my eyes went all saucery and starry and a massive grin curled across my face. I never thought that I would win when I entered just for fun.

What do I do now?

If only someone else would sponsor me tickets from Johannesburg to London, I could take my wonderful Boerewors-of-a-husband on a trip of a life-time for our 10 year wedding anniversary which coming in a few months time.  My ultimate dream is to see Europe and visit my family in Scotland while I'm there (I haven't seem any of them in almost 30 years!)

Now wouldn't that be an awesome surprise for him!!!

*sigh* Like they say....pie in the sky


Jeanette said...

Very cool!! Hope you find a way to get there

Mo said...

Gillian can you give me your contact details to pass onto Sarah at we are social.
Email me at


So YOU are the lucky one! Enjoy Brussels! I've been there more than once. I've got friends living in the Flanders but very near the capital. I love Belgium and my Belgian friends. You are very active online: 3 blogs! Congratulations again!

Jen said...



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