Friday, 2 October 2009

Scarlet Skin

Yes, its just as ouch as it looks...this was taken on Monday this week after spending a few hours cleaning our swimming pool on Sunday.  Before you ask, I do know what sun screen is and I did put on.  I put sun screen on my arms and front but forgot to get someone to lube my back up.   Sexy, hey?
You'd think a Scots lass with translucent skin would have learnt about the vicious African sun by now.

 I have been in South Africa for nearly 30 years.  Oh Crikey, I shouldn't say that - it makes me sound like a dinosaur!!


Sally said...

ouch ouch ouch, I so know what the feels like. I also have pissy pale skin that burns if it thinks it might see sun

Mo said...

ouch becareful.

Laura said...

Holy crap chick! that looks OUCH!

Jeanette said...


Lena said...

Ow! That's me after an hour in the Scottish sun!

I seriously have to take breaks and holidays around cooler months. I'd like to travel but the sun and heat ain't my friend. We fair maiden's - eh?


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