Thursday, 17 December 2009

Ding-a-ling! All Ready for Grade One!

So, off we went to the shops this morning to spend a small fortune on school uniforms for Megan who starts Grade 1 in Primary School in the New Year. 

Everything that we tried on initially fell off because Megan is so small.  We had to specially order some of the items and it looks like we may need to put a hem in her skirts (otherwise she looks a little bit like a nerdy nun).

I can't have my soopa kewl tomboy girl attending school looking unhip and anything but neat and trendy. 

We're off to get the haircut tomorrow because mum decided to do a "home job" last week and made a complete hash of it.  Poor Megan!  I'm such a daft mum!

Here's what we got :

  • Three red school shirts
  • Three grey school skirts
  • Five Pairs of white ankle socks
  • Two red school jumpers (with the school badge)
  • One pair of black leather shoes
  • One pair of white takkies for athletics
  • One pair of black gym shorts
  • Two pairs of cycling shorts (for underneath the skirt)
  • 10 pairs of knickers
  • One red anorak (for those rainy days)
  • One black wheelie school bag with compartments.

I still need to find out if she needs the blazer or not as this stage.

Tomorrow we need to go and buy stationery and that list is as long as my arm.  Actually my arms are pretty stubby so its probably as long as my long as ....I can't think of anything...Wait! as long as Long Dong Silver's Member.

Stay Tuned for Stationery Shopping and Hair cuts...oh the anticipation and excitement! 


Marcelle said...

I left everything till after New year when my kids were in school, can see u an excited mom to get ur kids off to school so doing it all early...I was the worst...last minute uniform shopping for my poor kids.
Sure cost a fortune even in my days.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

You scored some really great items already!
Good luck with the stationary shopping and haircut! Gonna show before and after pictures?


KK said...

I was just wondering how your school years worked! I bet she is excited!

Mandy said...

Yeah, I know exactly where you coming from my friend, especially as far as the cost of the uniforms and the stationery, and thats just the beginning...further into the year there will be more things..and you only have one going to school now, so yes, having four children going to school I can relate very very well to the costs. However, it's still beautiful and worth it all. especially when they achieve and graduate when they grow up, it makes it all worth it...HUGS x x

Mandy said...

Having four children going to school, I can relate very very well to the expense involved in the uniforms and stationery, and this is just the beginning of the year, it doesnt end there, later in the year their will be more things. However, in the end when they achieve and graduate, it's all worth it....HUGS

Laura said...

I have two to buy for this year! We are 90% done with uniforms and 0% done with stationery!

Gillian said...

Och Laura...I hope you get everything you need. I've already spent R1560 on uniform alone.

Gillian said...

We start with Grade 1 to Grade 3 as junior primary school. From Grade 4 to Grade 7 is senior primary school. From Grade 8 to 12is secondary school.

Before Grade 1 we have Grade R or Grade 0 which prepares the little ones for "big school".

Before that its just pre-school or nursery school. As a working mum, my girls have been in pre-school since they were only months old.

lettice said...

I am so excited and so scared all at once when it comes to buying and preparing for primary school - luckily I still have a little bit of time!


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