Friday, 30 January 2009

The Flu has officially smacked me across the face

I've trying so hard to prevent from getting ill when I woke up with a sore throat on Wednesday morning. I dosed myself with med lemon on Wednesday night and some cold meds. By last night I was so sore and grumpy, I went to bed early with no energy and a dry cough. I thought that a good night's sleep would be just the ticket, but when I woke up this morning I had a dry cough and now I feel as if a truck has hit me.

I guess my weekend is pretty much stuffed ALTHOUGH nothing will stop me from going to the MPH show on Saturday night with my Boerewors. It will be out first night out alone in ages. Even if I have to pop sinutabs and pain pills to get there. I will NOT miss out again. I missed it last year because I couldn't get a babysitter and Riaan went alone.
I'll rest when I'm dead!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Janie is expecting a Little Girl!

Yes! Yes! YES! It's Pink!!!

My sister is having a little girl. She went for her amnio this morning with Mick and everything went very well. She asked the doctor to first check the sex of the baby before they did the amnio and he did all the measurements and calculations and its definintely a little girlie...Janie is doing well too only picked up 5kg so far. Well done!

She now needs to rest for the next couple of days. Mick you better look after her and phone me if she misbehaves and I'll come and sort her out.

I'm so thrilled for them.
Congratulations Mick and Janie!!!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Kaylin's Back at Aquatots Swimming

Kaylin went back to Aquatots after our Christmas Year End break which was 7 weeks with no swimming with the cutest little Pooh Bear swim suit with pink skirt.

I must admit I did enjoy not having to drive twice a week to swimming, get undressed, get Kaylin undressed, put on our swimming togs and swim for 30 minutes, then get out and get us both dressed again. I did it for 6 months solid, dedicating twice a week to her swimming and only missing it once.

It gets a little tiring but I know KK loves it. A real water baby.

We started lessons again yesterday for another six months - the difference being I'm not in the pool with her. I'm certainly happy about that.

Kaylin's in the pool on her own with four other littles friends and Marinda (her swimming teacher). One of the friends she's swimming with is a friend from her school so at least she has a familiar friend in her class.

She did so well for not having lessons for 7 weeks. She remember everything! I was so chuffed. The only thing she was not quite happy about, is that I was not in the pool with her. I sat beside the pool for the whole lesson and she kept getting out to come to me so I tried to sneak out during the lesson when she wasn't looking to sit outside the pool area where she couldn't see me.

No way! She wasn't having any of that. She wanted mummy to sit and watch her.

I'm sure she'll get used to being in the pool on her own very soon...wee peanut!

Running and Dancing in the Rain

On Sunday the girls were bored and we were sitting outside on the veranda watching the rain. Kaylin (as you know) is terrified of storms and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for her to get over her fear of storms and the rain.

I asked Megan if she wanted to run in the rain - well what child does not want to run in the rain and get wet? So I took Megan's hand and we ran around the garden getting soaked. Kaylin was watching from the veranda with a hesitant look at first.

I then asked her if she wanted to run in the rain. The answer: "Nuh uh" shaking her head from side to side. I asked Riaan to come and join us and he look Megan for another run. Kaylin's hesitant look turned into a little smile and she eventually took her dad's hand and ran around the garden in the rain, getting her feet wet on the grass and the rain drops soaking her tiny little t-shirt.

Lets hope this gets her over her phobia of the rain and storms...just a pity I didn't take photos...I guess I was enjoying the moment too much.

Guitar Hero - Legends of Rock III

I am sooooo enjoying this game on XBOX 360.
I can't leave the thing alone! Riaan bought it just before Christmas and already I have finished the Second Level on Medium.
I'm now progressing on to Level Three (Hard) but its not easy, I tell you. Its fast, hard and requires loads of hand-eye co-ordination. I have only managed to complete ONE song on this I'm going back to Medium level and trying to improve my scores. I'm up to 4 and 5 stars on Medium Level.

Monday, 26 January 2009

More Tears for KK and Mum

I was bubbling like a little girl this morning dropping KK off at school. Its been 3 weeks in her new class, with her new teacher and friends but KK just doesn't seem to be settling. Apparently she's fine a few minutes after I've gone - its still just the initial goodbye where she clings to me and kicks and squeals when I hand her over to Annie or Candice.

It breaks my heart in one million tiny pieces.

The tears were streaming down my cheeks when I left school this morning. All the other moms are so chirpy and cheerful wishing me a good day and all I can do is bubble like a little girl. Its hard to hide your tears when you look like a sunburnt panda with mascara running down your cheeks.

I got into the car, gave a big sigh, put my head on the steering wheel and sobbed. Its so hard being a working mum. The guilt is overwhelming.

Saturday, 24 January 2009


Towards the end of last year, I attended a meeting at work where our Branch Manager was talking about shooshing up an empty office in our building and using it as a new business office for our Sales Reps to genenrate new business as our economy for advertising sales has slowed down since mid last year. Its been tough on the girls and sourcing new business has becoming few and far between.
Anyway, the office that she had in mind was full of junk from our move from our old offices, old desks, cupboards and the old pigeon holes that we had up on the wall at reception at our previous offices.
I opened my flapping lips (as usual) and said "OH Like Pimp My Pigeon Hole!?" and she thought this was a brilliant idea. Before I should say anything she said "OK Gillian Run with It. Get a committee together and come up with something".
Well, I got a very reluctant committee together, as it would mean slotting this project planning in between our already hectic workload. I could see I wasn't going to get much assistance as we talked about things they were keen but when it came to actually doing the stuff - it never materialised.

After a few sleepless nights thinking of what I could do with NO BUDGET. Then... at 2am in the morning I thought of converting the room into a toolshed. And so "The Toolshed" was born. It would be a concept that was different and I could do a lot with. It tied in with our business - home enhancement, home improvement.

It could be designed with things we had lying around in our own toolsheds or garages because I had NO BUDGET for this project.

I came up with a logo in my head and one of our PR ladies (who's an absolute whizz on AppleMac and photoshop), designed this logo for me. It was using our company colours and I could use it throughout the room and on the files and documents that needed to be use in the office.

"Inspiration Station"

The lightbulb poster was also designed as I wanted to put a poster up in one corner to generate "new ideas". This office would not only be used to geneate new busines but to generate new ideas to share with the entire team in order to motivate them to reach their targets.

I proposed this concept to my boss and she loved it. She showed it to our MD who loved it so much and was so impressed by the idea he contributed a small BUDGET towards the room. He gave me R1000. Well, its certainly not much but it would pay for printing of posters and some odds and and bobs to make it nice.

Weeks went by and I got one of our suppliers to donate some cocktail tables and stools for the room. I also started collected things from home: old tools, tin cans, old toys, a bean bag, an old ladder, hard hats...

The Toolshed is a work in progress but we are about 80% finished. Here is some of the pics

This will be the corner where the laptop sits on top of the cocktail table
This is the Ideas Corner with the coloured lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling (the ladder) still needs to come in this corner.

This is the hardhat corner - where I have suspended three colourful hard hats from the ceiling and the bookshelf with the files and the magazing rack with opposition publications

This is the doormat outside the office

This is the Milo Tins that I brough from home and stucks some brick print on them to make them look funky. We are going to use the tins for stationery and office supplies. I lined the old bookshelf with this DC Fix which looks like aluminum - very funky.

Finishing touches need to be made - the bean bag put in, the ladder, the garden trellis which we are going to mount on the far wall to use to hang motivational posters from (as we are not allowed to prestik to the walls) We are only renting the offices so we can't do too much damage...

Will post final pictures next week.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

We're Booked!

Our family holiday!
Uvongo Beach Aride Resort from the 27 April until the 2 May.

I can't wait to take the girls to the beach again.
It will be KK's first time in the sea (shocking I know)
Its going to be fantastic to get away - just the four of us!!!
So, instead of Megan counting the sleepies, it will be me :-)

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Coins are Cash Too

For the past 7 or 8 months, I've been keeping a little piggie bank tin (thats glued shut so I can't open it when tempted). I only put in the odd note and silver (R5 coins, R2 coins and R1 coins) when I have in my purse.

I brought it to work today, as we are going away as a family in April, and I thought we could the proceeds towards paying for the deposit of the holiday or some spending money while we are there. I was amazed at how much money was in there.

After hauling out the tin opener to get the tin open, I piled up the coins in tidy little piles in order to count it. I got R940.00 out of that little tin!!

Not bad, eh? Roll on Holiday at the Beach

Megan's Birthday Poem

You’re six today and so grown up
It’s hard to see you sprout
You love Ben 10 and Alien Wall-e
Still all boys’ stuff, no doubt.

You love to swim, you love to run
Soccer Champs is the latest craze
You eyes shine blue and sparkle bright
Your long red hair ablaze

Gorgeous, sweet, a great big sister
Teaching KK everything you know
Looking after her like a real little mum
All in your stride, you go

You make me proud, you make me beam
I love each giggle and sigh
You light up my life and my heart
Truly the apple of my eye.

Happy Birthday 6th Megan.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Hip-Hop Honey

Megan starts her Hip Hop dancing lessons tomorrow with Madden School of Dancing. She decided at the end of last year to give up her swimming after 5½ years and start Hip Hop dance instead. She also no longer wants to do Soccer Champs or play on the team, so this will be her only activity she does.

Felicity comes to Megan's school twice a week to teach the dance classes and she spent 30 minutes on the phone with me today explaining what they learn and all the benefits. She was so pleased that Megan will be dancing with her as she says she's heard all good things about her brilliant co-ordination and balance from the other activity coaches. She's been wanting Megan to join her dance class for two years now but our Megan has not been ready - or felt the need - until now.

Its entirely her decision and I can't wait to see the results and, who knows, perhaps it will bring the girlies side out in her. I'm not holding my breath, but lets see how the first term goes and take it from there.

Watch this space....

Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Girls' Birthday Party

It is Megan's 6th Birthday today.

Happy Birthday My Wee Button!

Yesterday both the girls celebrated their birthdays at a party at Uncle Charlies Farm Yard.

It was a great success as the kids had loads to do and see.

Here is Megan's Wall-e cakeKK's teapot cake

Wade and Kaylin in one of the play houses

Wade on the pony

King and Queen for a day. Megan and Morne sharing the thrones

My nephews Ryan and Dylan playing on the tractor.

Riaan and his Mom

Megan on the tractor

Megan and Morne sharing a moment

Megan having a pony ride. This young man leading the pony was NOT at all impressed that he had to lead the pony around the same route over and over again. I think he was the owner's son who was forced to work the kids parties for the day. He had a face like fizz all day. Poor bugger!

Wesley on the swings
Linda and Anja saying hello to the pony
Birthday Queen
Megan's presents.

Thank HUGE you to everyone who brought Megan and Kaylin a birthday gift.

They got totally spoiled.

Here are Megan's wonderful presents.

Kaylin's presents

My mum who was up from Natal to attend the party and visit with us, ran after KK all day - all she wanted to do was either play in these pretty little play houses, jump on the jumping castle or swim in the bottom end of the slip 'n slide. She definintely kept me and mum busy ALL day.

KK in the blue play house hunting for a bike.

Kayle on the pony

The Jungle gym

Vaughn and Jasmyne and a nosey goat

Jazzy on the pony

Wade on the pony
My sister Janie and Mick

Linda and Anja on the pony

Singing Happy Birthday to the girls.

My mum with the girls this morning

The Du Preez family...
KK enjoying the jumping castle with her Granny

Megan on the jungle gym

Abigail got her first taste of sand...she is too gorgeous!


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