Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Sunrise on the road

Along the road

Along the road during the wee hours of the morning

vendors along some of the road stops

Friday, 24 April 2009

Away on Holiday

I will be away for just over a week.

Will see if I can post while away but otherwise it will only be when I get back on 4 May.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

2009 General Elections

Yes, I made my mark for South Africa yesterday when it was our General Elections 2009.

I stood in the queue for just over and hour in Meyersdal to make my cross on the ballot papers. The queues seemed to move a lot slower than previous years and once again the polling stations were under staffed and unorganised.

Will post pix soon.

Another Kaylin Update

Naughty corner is definitely working. I have to just warn her about my egg timer and that she’ll go straight to the naughty corner. We even had one WHOLE day on Tuesday that we didn’t use the naughty corner at all. We will have good days and bad days.

My extra hours put in playing one-one-one with Kaylin is improving her speech (yes, even if it has only been two weeks since we saw the psychologist for the first time). No more baby talk and praising her for new words and at least trying to verbalise herself.

I’m really trying hard with her. Trying hard to stay calm, ignore the whining and crying, which has become less and less since I’ve started putting my ipod in my ears when she cries and whines for nothing. I’m reinforcing all the time that she’s a big girl and she’s stated doing more things for herself. Dressing, choosing her clothes, brushing her own teeth, washing her own body and hair in the bath, etc.

I’m trying hard to remain consistent with her all the time and I must say she’s kicking back less and less. I just need to continue with it all.

Only one down side, so far, and that’s her purposely wetting herself at home. She doesn’t do this at school or when we are out and about - she only does it when we are at home. She’ll just stand there or sit there and look at me and wet herself. It gets me so mad! I know I need to stay calm but you can clearly see she’s doing it just to wind me up. She’s a expert manipulator.

We only go back to see the psychologist when we are back from holiday on the 3rd of May so I’ll chat to Lynne about that then.

In the mean time we’re off on holiday to Uvongo and I can’t wait to see my mum down there and play on the beach with the girls and stare at the ocean.

2009 Eisteddfod Poetry

Megan got her Gold Certificate for poetry reading. She was a little disappointed she didn't get a diploma but I told her she's still a winner no matter what. I'm so proud of her.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Megan has her Eisteddfod on Thursday morning at the Alberton Library
and has learnt the following poem by heart:

A Giant's Cake
Each year I have a birthday
When People buy me toys
And Mother gives a party
To lots of girls and boys
I have a cake with candles
And icing pink and white
With all my candles alight
It makes a lovely sight
Each year the cake grows larger
Another light to take
So, if I grow much older
I'll need a giant's cake!

Wish her luck for another Gold this year!

Another Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Megan had another visit from the Tooth Fairy last night after loosing her second tooth yesterday at school. She carefully kept her tooth in a tissue all day at school and gave it too me last night to keep safe for the Tooth Fairy.
At bed time, we her tooth in a little organza bag and carefully put it in her shoe at the foot of her bed for the Tooth Fairy to fetch.
I told Megan that the Tooth Fairy probably wouldn't give her much for such a teeny weeny tooth and that hopefully the Tooth Fairy would find a tiny space in her castle for such a special tooth.
Megan got R25 for her second tooth!
Not bad for such a tiny morsel.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Another Claire Jane Update

My mum, my dad and my brothers took a trip down to ''Babies'R'Us'' yesterday, as there was a nursing sister on duty and she had brought along her 4D scan equipment.

It was my first 4D scan 3 weeks ago but I was feeling a little shy that day and didn't show my face! But today I wanted my family to see me!

I am now a healthy 1.5kg (3lb 5oz) .....about half the size she will be when I am born. The nurse checked my heart, kidneys, bladder, legs, feet, arms, hands, pelvis (I am definitely a girl!), heartbeat ...all is well and I am developing well.

Remember I am 'under-water' so they might look a little strange......but you can certainly make out my features (is that my daddy's dimpled chin??!!) .

My mum said that it was truly amazing and special to 'see' me even before I have even been born. Mum said it makes all her backache, swollen ankles, heartburn and tiredness worth it !!

My Daddy is an angel ...he's got the patience of a saint to put up with my short, pregnant Scots mummy. I love my daddy very much because whenever I hear his voice I start kicking like a bunny wabbit!

See you soon!

Sunday, 19 April 2009


Meg and Riaan KK doing puzzles

Happy 21st Birthday Wouter

Wouter receiving his key
Wouter celebrated his 21st birthday party on Saturday and last night we all got together to celebrate in style at the Brazillian Grill in Edevale. It is quite a festive place with lots of great food, a dancing show and a DJ and boogying for us regulars afterwards.

Here is Wouter (drink in hand) saying a speech to his wonderful parents (Piet and Irene)

Father and Son (Wouter and Piet) showing us the key that Norman hand crafted for him

Ria and Rassie

Norman and Riaan
Natasha dancing
Mel and Shaun
Mandy and Percy taking a swing around the dance floorJustin
Man eating fire!
Fiona aiming ice for my clevage!
The dancers

Friday, 17 April 2009

Sunrise Today

Sunrise from my back garden at just after 6am this morning.

I love the colours...

Dress Up Day At School

Kaylin The Super Girl!

Megan - The Pirate

Kaylin showing a bit o' muscle

Kitchen Tea At Work

A colleague, Linda, and I were put in charge of organising a Kitchen Tea for two of the ladies at work who are both getting married in May; Nicole and Aneta.
With the help of our art department who printed our bras and knickers,
we came up with this lot. It was good fun. Hope everyone enjoyed
The undies on the washline
The boardroom all ready for Nicole and AnetaThe snacks

We suspended this from the ceiling over the table.
The prezzies

The white board was filled with knickers and bras suspended with gut and clothes pegs.

Our home made alcoholic fruit punch.

The "Bride To Be" thrones complete with sash and clothes peg earings.

The neck-signs for the party
The girls' ; Aneta and Nicole's grand entrance!
Aneta putting her peg earings on (with a smile)
Nicole getting her gear on too.

Some of the gang
More of the gang
Nicole enjoying the punch
Aneta doing the same
Aneta Opening prezzies
More prezzies
Nicole getting prezzies
Nicole getting all teary-eyed

AnetaThe gang
Even more of the gang
Nicole getting her cake tray
I love this expression. Its almost as if she's saying "What am I to do with this?"


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