Sunday, 31 May 2009

And The Winner Is...

The World was holding their breath for the winner of 2009 Britain's Got Talent and here are the winners. They are brilliant!!!! Sorry Susan...

Got to You Tube for all their previous performances....they are sensational...

My Girls

Megan and KK before the Sports Day in their school "uniform".

Feeling Like Pooh

No, not Winnie the Pooh. Doggie poo. I've been fighting the flu since Thursday but yesterday it truly kicked me in the stomach. Man down! Or should that be woman down?

I feel terrible. My ears are ringing, my head is pounding, my eyes feel sore to move them, it even hurts to touch my scalp. My nose is blocked and / or running, I'm coughing and my chest is on fire.

Enough symptoms for you to make a diagnosis?

I guess I've got the dreaded flu and the rest of the family are following with their bloodshot eyes and coughing fits...

I'm booking us all a doctor's appointment tomorrow...*sigh*

Megan's School Sports Day

Megan and Kaylin's Sports Day at Junior College Castillian yesterday.
A really beautiful day with no clouds in the sky but a nip in the air.
WE all had good fun!

The start of the parade.

Megan's Class in the Parade with their distinctive blue head bands

Kaylin getting squashed within the huddle of her class' war cry.Thashen and Wade go for gold!
Teacher's with their pom-poms

Megan's class doing their display with balls, hula hoops, skipping ropes and ribbons

Popcorn, candy floss, balloons, curry and rice, rib rolls, coffee, tea was on the menu

The Pom-Pom Girls Display
The mum's race!! The mum's are soooo competitive - they nearly run us over at the finish line.

Megan's class doing their war cry. "We're gonna beat the whoopsie outta you!"

Kaylin's class take their marks, get set and go!
The girlsKaylin runs holding her teacher's hand and starting crying half way down the field...

I guess she wasn't in the mood to run.
I love the picture of this wee boy so happy to be winning
Megan's class displaying their hula hoop skills.Megan showing off her ball skills
Megan dashing for the finish line. Look at the concentration on that face.

Yes, She won!

And how chuffed she was.....Two of the boys enjoying the race

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Feedback Session with the Therapist (Final)

Our wee family went to Lynn (Kaylin’s Therapist) for our final feedback session on Tuesday afternoon and I was blown away by her encouraging comments.

She told us that I’ve done such a fantastic job with Kaylin in the few months we’ve been going to her. She mentioned that our bond now is so firm and loving that she doesn’t see us “relapsing” and falling back into accepting old behaviours at all! I was beaming.

She asked if she could give my number to a mum who is having similar problems with her little boy as I was having with Kaylin. Immediately said “With pleasure!”. I’d love to “pass it forward” to someone else who could benefit from my methods, my consistency and determination to win this battle and make it work.

I actually spoke to the mum (as she had the session just before us) and she felt just like I felt in the beginning: Lost, frustrated and completely hopeless. I told her we should have coffee and talk. She was a little embarrassed about getting teary eyed in front of a complete stranger. I felt her pain. I saw her frustration. I recognised it all in one feeble, agonising, quivering fake smile. I wanted to share the gift with her but didn’t want to scare her of what lay ahead: Lots of hard work, lots of tears and plenty guilt.

Lynn told me she hasn’t been so blown away by the change in us. To watch us play and enjoy one another was an absolute pleasure for her. She told me I’m a great mum and that I should continue doing what I am doing and she can’t see anything going wrong. My smile was wrapped right around my fat head!

Lynn only wishes that other parents were as dedicated as I was to repairing an out-of-control relationship between a mother and her child. I thought it would be years to fix it and work things out! I thought my child was “broken” and that we were looking at therapy for “Aspergers Syndrome”.

Turns out she’s just a spirited child with CAPPS (Curious, Adventurous, Powerful, Persistent and Sensitive) and because I’d used the incorrect communication methods with her for so long, she was reluctant to try new things, reluctant to become independent, which affected her speech development and her being so irritatingly clingy. Now all these things are improving and will continue to improve as time plods on.

My head is swollen with pride. My heart is so swollen with love for my beautiful wee girl. We are in no ways perfect, but I am extremely happy with my wonderful wee family.

We’ve come a long way…

Susan Boyle - Semi Final

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Regular Train Trip

Circular 2,5 hr afternoon steam train trip around the city and environs of Tshwane-Pretoria.

Bring your Sunday lunch picnic basket and board our heritage train, surrounded by railway history, for a nostalgic steam train trip around Pretoria, to see the capital city as you never see it from the road. It's like travelling back in time as you sit in our restored coaches and listen to the steady beat of the steam engine at the head of the train.

Due to the train's popularity, this year we plan to be running many Tshwane Xplorer trips to a regular montly schedule -- the last Sunday of every month. This means that you can now set aside many "pay-day" Sunday afternoons for your favourite steam ride! You can book on-line or call Sales on 012 548 4090. You can also book at Computicket and at Checkers "Moneymarket" counters. If you didn't book ahead, take pot luck and come along to the site on day. We will try to squeeze you in if there is space - but beware, available space is limited!

We want to bring our vintage steam train to as wider section of our population as possible, so we are planning to run some special "Xplorers" specially for our younger folk. These trains will run on Friday mornings and depart at 09:30 instead of the normal 13:30. Specially reduced fares will apply on these trains for scholars and their teachers and, provided adults can stand the kids' fun and 'noise' and there is space available, they may travel at special fares too!

Normal departures 13:30 sharp. Arrive back in the depot at about 16:30.
Special schools Xplorer departs at 09:30 sharp, returns at about 12:30.

Planned 2009 running dates:
Tuesday, 16 June 2009 (Youth Day Special)
Sunday, 26 July 2009
Sunday, 30 August 2009
Sunday, 27 September 2009
Sunday, 1 November 2009
Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Train ticket prices:

Normal Tshwane Xplorer at 13:30:
Adults: R140.00
Pensioners: R110.00
Children 7 to 12 years R80.00
Children 2 to 6 years: R50.00
Children under 2: free

Big group? Special occasion? Just want privacy?. Then why not rent your own private coach or even your own private train?

Contact FOTR Sales on 012 548-4090 or cellphone 082-098-6186 for details.

Friends of the Rail - Calling All Photograhers

Saturday/Sunday, 30/31 May 2009
Now this looks like fun!!!!

Winter Photo Gala - FOTR's Winter Photo Gala!

Saturday 30 May- afternoon/evening session
Sunday 31 May- dawn/morning session

Friends of the Rail invites all photographers to join us for our exciting Winter Steam Photo Gala.
On the Saturday 30th May, we will meet at noon at Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum near Bronkhorstspruit.

Vintage equipment, including an operational steam traction engine, will be on view. We proceed to nearby Cullinan Station at 2pm, to photograph the departing FOTR train hauled by a class 15F locomotive, no 3117. Further shots will be taken on the way to Rayton, after which we will proceed to Capital Park loco depot. Here the class 19D steam loco no 2650 (or class 25, no 3664) will be active.

After sunset pictures, we will have a dinner break, with wors rolls and cooldrink provided, after which the 15F will arrive back on shed. We will then have a night session, with both locos in steam and being serviced by crews dressed in authentic old railway gear. We should finish by 9pm. For this session, participants may be asked to temporarily gang up and to travel with at least 4 per car, to reduce the number of vehicles and ensure access at the eremote photo venues.
The following morning session on Sunday 31st May will begin well before sunrise, for coffee and rusks. One loco will then perform some atmospheric false departures around the depot, with great steam effects guaranteed. This will continue until about 9am.

For both shoots you will need to bring your equipment, warm clothing, sturdy footware and some money.

It is essential to prebook as places are limited to 50 persons, and last year's event was sold out!!
Costs are: Afternoon session R 180; Morning session R120.

Bookings: Arno/Billy at 012-548-4090/ 082-293-4616.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

So Demotivated at Work

For the last six weeks I have been doing two people's work. Our other Sales Administrator was involved in a motor-bike accident and broke both her arms and has been off work since then.
I do realise that we're in a recession and we all need to pitch in....BUT, yes there is a but....if you got a "thanks" or some recognition for it - it would make it a little less demotivating.

They ask me how I'm coping...but what difference does it make?? I'll still have to do it whether I'm coping or not. We haven't had increases in 2 years, our "guaranteed" 13th cheque was dooped to 70% in December and we "might" get the remaning 30% in June/July this year (which I don't see happening).

I guess they just see me as a "work horse" because I am a fast worker and I find it very easy to work under stress and pressure and literally churn the work out regardless.

It would nice to get some sort of pat on the back.

I'm am seriously looking for another position now...

Monday, 25 May 2009

Another Loose Toof

Megan has two missing teeth at the bottom with her adult teeth growing out at a rate of knots. Her top front toofie is now starting to wobble and she soopa excited.

She'll be having the tooth fairy visit in another few short weeks. She's dead chuffed.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Some Family Shots

Cheeky KK

Our Wee Family

Another Family one.

For Mick

JanieMick and Janie
Mick and Janie

Mickand Janie (I am sure this is he one you're after)

Janie's Baby Shower

Janie's Baby Shower was a HUGE success and she got some lovely gifts and got to spend the afternoon with friends - old and new and her family.

We drank punch, ate goodies and played games. "Name the Baby Animal", "How Well Do you Know the Mummy", "Guess Mummy's tummy size" and "What's in the Nappy?".

The Winners each got a little gift. Each of the ladies at the baby shower each got a chance to give Janie some advice they wished they'd received when they were preggies. Janie will love these!

Here's the guysJanie - The Pregnant Fairy and looking beautiful
Janie and her Teeny Socks

The Presents TableJanie oogling over her gifts

For some of us the afternoonw as long and tiring

Mick sniffing one of the nappies in the "What's in the Nappy" game

"What's in the Nappy" baby shower game. These are the Nappies

My mum was there too (all the way from the South Coast)

Janie and Mick share a moment over a teeny wee pink beanie

Daddy Mick
Janie and I scoring the Baby Shower Games

Madeleine. I hadn't seen her in over 15 years! She went to varsity with my sister.

KK with her stuffed doggie

Gillian and KK

Janie with her over-sized dummy

An emotional Janie overwhelmed by all the attention and gifts

Janie sipping from her giant tee-tee bottie

Hilda with her gorgeous wee man examining one of the "dirty" nappies. I hadn't seen Hilda in nearly 20 years and she hasn't changed a bit!

Some of the ladies
More of the ladies

More prezzies!

Glynis, Janie and Clair on her phone

The kewtest wee sheepskin boots you did ever see!

Janie cuddling up in a home-made knitted blanket my mum made for her.

Showing off another cute outfit.


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