Friday, 1 January 2010

Some Arb Stuff

I have so enjoyed being at home with my girls and my hubby for three weeks. Its been brilliant! We've done lots but we've mostly chilled at home swimming everyday - enjoying each other's company.   KK goes back to school on Monday - new class, new teacher, new assistant so we are preparing for separation tantrums and lots of tears.  She's going to hate me for a while and I'm going to be sobbing in the car again.  I just know it.

Megan and I have a week on our own at home before she starts Grade One and I go back to work.  I'm going to make the most of the week I have with her because its going to be a busy year ahead for her starting school, having homemwork every day, learning to read and write properly.

On the one hand I'm sad that she's grown up so quickly (gosh! wasn't it just yesterday that I was holding her tiny little hand in NICU for being prem?)  On the other hand I can't wait to see my intelligent and sensitive little girl grow into confident Student.  I can't wait to see her develop her own school interests whether it be something academic or something sporty - or both. She has so many options open to her and its going to be so interesting to see what she chooses to participate in and find out what subjects she enjoys most.  Its such an exciting time for her and for Riaan and I as her parents.

Some arb mobile phone pix

Megan's artwork

Megan lost her front tooth and here's she's trying to look goofy.

My Monster Gurl with her new T-shirt that she chose. 
How appropriate....

Ben 10 Bubble Gun Attitude

Blogging again


otin said...

I hate losing teeth, but I love the Tee Shirt writing! LOL!

Blasé said...

So, that's what you look like when commenting on my Blog?? COOL! You've got that 'deep thought' look going on! And, you're wearing cloths!

Blasé said...

..then again, maybe not??

Shayne said...

Been struggling to comment on yr blog for some reason and forgotten half of what i wanted to say.

Good luck for Megan starting Gr 1 - it feels like just yesterday that my eldest started and she is now starting Gr6. Time flies by. Be prepared for what seems like a whack of completely unnecessary homework!

And hope Kaylin and you have a better year this year. I'm hoping that the end of Jan will be the end of my 3 yr old tantrums. They're beginning to be the end of me.

Have a great 2010.


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