Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Midnight Adventures

Last night I had one of my epic adventure dreams again.  It was a fucking cracker!

I dreamt I was dueling with an alligator's tail.  He was a fekkin monster, thrashing his tail and bearing his teeth, making growling noises and spitting at me (I don't think alligators can spit but its MY dream remember). 

Nevertheless, I had the maneuvers and grace of a professional fencer - advance lunging all over the place and swishing my impressive blade in Ballestra.  Oh yes, I was on top form...

After a lengthy struggle with the hideous beast who was now foaming at the mouth, I gave him the Prise de Fer and lobbed his tail right off with one swift chop!  He ran away like cowardly lizard that's just lost his tail (somehow, I don't think alligators tails grow back) but I managed to run after him and finish him off.  I pounded my sword into his leather like skin over and over to make sure he was completely defeated (quite horrific, if I think about it now)

But in my dream I was jubilant with a HUGE smile plastered on my face!

The huge alligator just lay there, still and quiet and I started jumping up and down with my hands in the air, like I had just won a gold medal at the Olympics.  I was full of joy and was whooping triumphantly.  I took a picture of the dead alligator with my cellphone to share on my blog (I even blog in my dreams).

Now comes the bizarre bit...I decided to skin the alligator and chop him up tiny cubes.  Skinning the alligator was easy (in my dreams) I peeled that Bastid like a fucking banana.  Then, I used his skin to make a killer pair of Hooker Heels and matching clutch bag.  Bonus!

I used the cubes of meat to make an enormous pot a bubbling alligator stew and sold it at the local fair wearing my new heels and clutch bag! 

With the left-overs I made alligator kebabs and stored them in my large freezer.

Am I a sick puppy or what???


Bernie said...

Oh no you are not sick at all but you have one vivid imagination. I wouldn't even call this a dream it's a nighmare....except for the shoes and clutch bag.....:-) Hugs

Gillian said...

Hi Bernie

Thanx for always commenting on my wee blog. You're such a star follower. Wish I had time to comment on the 150 blogs that I read.

cat said...

No - creative!

Brian Miller said...

you may want to lay off eating spicy food right before bed...lol. intriguing dream...very cool.

AmyLK said...

Not sick, just with a good mind! Love the hooker heels!

Mo said...

Did you wake up exhausted?

Destiny said...

ahaha, nice! was it in color or black and white!?

You're a creative bitch to make hooker heels from your victory! ;)

CinfulCinnamon said...

Damn...what a dream. Especially with all those fancy fencing terms! No wonder the gator lost..LOL

I've had deep fried gator tail...and it's very good. Especially with a cold beer.

Great dream, and love the shoes !


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