Wednesday, 4 August 2010

My Wee Holiday and Natal Visit

liday and I'm glad we made the last-minute decision to drive down to Natal to spend a few days with my mum and dad before mum's Vertebroplasty surgery.  Mum was really anxious about her surgery as she's never had any surgical procedures done in the entire 67 years of her life.  It was a big deal for her.

We left Johannesburg at 3am on Saturday morning and arrived in Natal about 11am.  It was a long drive but worth it to see the surprised look on my mum's face when we arrived at her gate.  She couldn't believe we'd just driven over 700km just to see her.  We spent the next few days pottering around the South Coast and visiting the ocean with the girls a lot.  They love the beach!

All went well with Mum's scheduled back surgery yesterday. It seems to have been a success and she's already back home recovering.  She as to lie on her back for 2 weeks!  No sitting just standing and lying down.  Then its back to the doctor for more xrays.

The Family

Kaylin, Mum aka Granny, Megan

On the Beach
Megan, Gillian, Kaylin

Margate Beach

Kaylin and Grandpa

Pony Riding at MacBanana

Megan Pony Riding at MacBanana

At the Beach

The light house inside
My legs are still frikken wobblin.  By the time we got back down all those stairs I needed an alcoholic beverage to calm my nerves.
My first time in a lighthouse and it was pretty nerve wracking but pretty kewl

Megan and Kaylin at the Pool by Margate Beachfront

A Gorgeous Palm Beach Sunset


Brian Miller said...

nice pics...glad it went well for her...staying off of it will be hard but key...

Akelamalu said...

Great pics. Glad to hear your Mum's surgery went well. :)

Blasé said...

So very glad to hear about the good results.

Ami said...

Hope your mom recovers quickly and well.

Great pictures!

cat said...

Glad all went well with your mom! Enjoy the beach. My kids love Macbanana.

AmyLK said...

Lovely pictures and I am SO glad your mum is doing well! Continued prayer and good thoughts for a continued great recovery!

Matty said...

I'm glad to hear that your mum is doing well. She looks very good. And just look at all those smiles. Your family and extended family all look so happy.

Nocturnal Queen said...

Such a nice surprise for your mother.

Beautiful beach pictures.


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