Wednesday, 17 November 2010

What's that Smell? Oh yeah, its the Stench of Tyranny

Get a farting guy!

This FART Chart is also damn funny.


In 1965, BBC TV played an April Fool's Day joke on their viewers. The network aired an "interview" with a man who had invented a new technology called "Smellovision" that allowed viewers at home to experience aromas produced in the television studio.

To demonstrate, the man chopped some onions and brewed a pot of coffee.  Viewers called in to confirm that they had smelled the aromas that were "transmitted" through their television set.  Oh the Tyranny of it all...

Aren't you glad they haven't invented Smellivision? Epsecially in the case of the Farting Idol.

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See you then!


Effie said...

Thanks for the laugh, that fart chart was hilarious.

jacksofbuxton said...

Seems like a lot of hot air to me.

blackhuff said...

LOL! Did not know about the 1965 April Fools joke on viewers. Cool info.

Akelamalu said...

I love toilet humour! LOL

DCHY said...

LOL I remember reading about that prank. Why don't you dig up a history of the greatest pranks pulled on TV? Soupy Sales almost got fired for one. ;)

nitebyrd said...

When you live in the same house with two men, you don't need fart smell-o-vision 'cause you have it live and in-person!


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