Sunday, 23 January 2011

Don't Walk and Text!

A US woman whose fall into a shopping centre fountain has become a viral video sensation is threatening to sue the mall.

Cathy Cruz Marrero, 49, was texting on her mobile phone when she tumbled head first into a shallow fountain in a Wyomissing, Pennsylvania mall earlier this month.

"I saw the water coming at me, I could see the pennies and nickels at the bottom of the fountain and then I was in it," Marrero told local newspaper the Reading Eagle.

A video of her fall, which was captured on the centre's CCTV cameras, was posted on YouTube and has since attracted more than 1½ million views. Laughter could be heard on the footage while it was being played.   Hell, I'm still fuckin' gigglin'

Marrero, who works at a store in the centre, told US television network ABC's Good Morning America she had initially laughed at her fall but added that no one had taken her feelings into consideration when they posted the video on the internet.

"It shows in the video. Nobody went to my aid. Not one single person ... it could have been anybody's mother. It could have been a senior citizen falling and would they have gotten the same treatment as I did?" she asked.

"I didn't get an apology, what I got was, 'At least nobody knows it was you.' But I knew it was me."

Marrero's lawyer, James Polyak, said they suspected someone in the mall's security office recorded the footage on a mobile phone.

"We intend to hold all responsible parties accountable whether that means requesting or demanding an apology - certainly requesting an explanation for why this happened, how this happened," he said.

Marrero, who has convictions for theft from the 1990s, is currently free on $US7500 ($7600) bail for theft by deception and receiving stolen property charges from 2009, the Eagle reported.

She is due back in court in April and could face six months of house arrest and be forced to wear an electronic tag.

Marrero admitted to Good Morning America's host George Stephanopoulos that she did learn a lesson from her fall.

"Do not text and walk," she said.

I bet she was Sexting, the little Slut!


Max Evel said...

That woman is nuts !
No one would've known it was her, but she had to go out, and try to sue
everyone for her own clumsy mistake.
It's a crazy world we live in.

Miley said...

OK, so she's a moron and walks while texting and falls. Also, someone recorded it and they THINK it MAY have been someone in mall security but they aren't sure.
So, CLEARLY the mall is at fault? And is being sued?
In related news, she owes an assload of money and is out on bail.

Seems completely related to me. Greedy whore bitch. This is why I hate the US legal system. This is why we need reform... Ohhhh, I'm about to start ranting.

While I love my country, the fact that you can sue a corporation for one of their employees using their PERSONAL equipment (that requires no special setup) to record you doing something COLOSSALLY STUPID, is ridiculous.

I want to bitch slap this woman and throw her in a fountain.
It's a damn shame her phone didn't electrocute her.

Miley said...

(OK, not JUST their personal equipment but... whatever. She's a friggin moron)

Akelamalu said...

And how is it the mall's fault that she's a dozy mare???

Monkey Man said...

I can understand her being pissed that the video was released without her permission, but what an idiot for her lack of awareness of her surroundings. She obviously needed someone to throw cold water in her face.

Sausage Fingers said...

And here is another freaking problem - as of 2010 we have more students studying to become lawyers in law school than actual lawyer in practice!!!
I think Forest Gump said it best:
Stupid is as stupid does.

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

ASCII porn - the good old days.

Ryan said...

"Nobody went to my aid. Not one single person ... it could have been anybody's mother. It could have been a senior citizen falling."
Aye but it wiznae, it was only you ya dippit cow!!

Julia Smith said...

Hi - I've popped over from Akelamalu's blog, just in time for your hilarious video clip. I agree with Miley:

'Greedy whore bitch.'

Sandra said...

That chick should be glad the video went viral! I bet she gets a daytime talk show out of this!
As for sexting, puleeze, I don't even want to have real sex, I'm not about to start texting about it! Give me instructions as to how to put off my husband!

Nocturnal Queen said...

I agree that she's just greedy. I hope she doesn't win a thing. That the case gets thrown out and she gets chewed out, at the very least, by the judge for her frivolous lawsuit. It's her own fault she wasn't watching where she was going and her own fault she fell into the fountain.


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