Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Things Aspergers Kiddlettes Do...

Piles of things with no shirt because it "itches"
Yesterday when I arrived to collect KK from school, she was sitting in the middle of the rugby field outside trying to get her "closed shoes" on.  (that's what she calls them)  See picture on the left.

She was in tears and kept screaming "My Shoes are Broken!" but they were not.  Of course they weren't.  She was just struggling to get them on.  I don't buy her shoes with laces anymore (its just too frustrating for her and causes meltdowns).  

So, I buy her the shoes with either velcro or that are elasticated so she can get them on and off easily (or so I thought).

Back to my story...

KK's sitting there, alone, sobbing with one shoe in her hand, her face soaked with tears, her skin red from rubbing the tears away, her eyes starting to get all puffy and her hair full of dry grass because she'd flung herself backwards lying on the grass with frustration.

I went up to her, sat down next to her on the grass and with a sigh of relief from KK that mummy had arrived, and a high-pitched full-volume screech to announce: "I can't get my shoe on".  I held her tight, let her have her wee cry, calmed her down, helped her put her shoe on.  

A little boy came up to us while I was putting her shoe back on and asked me "Why is Kaylin crying to loud?".  I told him that she couldn't get her shoe on without help.... and then it happened!  Kaylin spotted this child's dirty, muddy toes!  

She freaked the fuck out!!

I mean she literally behaved liked she'd seen something from Exorcist - horrific that terrified her!  Her eyes bulged, her mouth formed a perfect O and from her seated position on the grass, she crab-walked actually crab-ran backwards at top speed before falling on to her back again.  She started screeching "I don't like dirty feet!  I - HATE - HIS - DIRTY - TOES!".

Well, all I could do was hold her again, tight,  while she sobbed and trembled, more tears, more snot, more fret but eventually recovered from the horror of the boys dirty feet being remotely near her!

Oh the horror!

It took me half an hour to get her calmed down and walk herself to the car.

Other things she does:

Rows of things

Closes her ears with loud or irritating sounds

But talks at full volume most of the time.
Overwhelming emotions
Listening to her own voice and repetitive words through filtered ears
and yet thinks she's an angel princess
Anything to do with water calms her down and enthralls her for hours!
Has an amazing bond and love for animals

A unique wee person who keeps me on my toes, gives me grey hair and nightmares

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Duncanr said...

"gives me grey hair and nightmares"

and love !!!

Mo said...

Quite a handful. Here is the link to a blogger who visits me regularly who has a similar child

blueviolet said...

You seem to have a way with her though. I'm sure some days are a bit tougher than others. It's terribly sweet how much of an animal love she has, by the way.

Fiona said...

Wow Gillian, KK is so grown up and the picture with her tiara she really does look like a wee princess. I'm so glad I've found your blog again :)

Copyboy said...

I feel like the addition of an audio portion would add so much to the post. haha

Tony Van Helsing said...

You must have the patient of a saint. I'd have been certified by now.

G-Man said...

I hate dirty feet as well!!

cat said...

L with his SID has so many of these things in common. The OT has explained to me that a lot of Aspergers kids have SID as well and that they belong to the same scale of conditions.

And the lining up - you should see his rows of cars...

Kal said...

She is a beautiful lass. She is lucky to have you for her mother.

Curmudgeon said...

Ah Now I know why you're daft. My son has tourettes, Not the wild kind you see on TV Just a noise here and there and some yelling at night. OCD comes with it. He Paces constantly and has to be playing with a ball or something at all times when home. Butt.... He's a genius. Got six years of free college books and an allowance. I'll bet your girl is that quick. We have traced this back four generations. They didn't have a name for it as I was growing up. Didn't have a name for asbergers either. I think I had mine beaten out of me. Anyway I'm fine now except for being crazy.


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