Sunday, 1 May 2011

Black Belt in Slobbing the Knob!

Have you ever wondered why they call it a blow job when there is no blowing involved?  I didn't realise there was so many different names for giving head.

You see, today I went googling something simple and the blow job popped up.  

Fucking dirty Google.  

I clicked on a few website that gave me all these names and it made me giggle. Everyone knows how much I love to giggle, so I thought I'd share them with you.

Most women will claim to be "The Blow Job Queen" just coz they've touched their tip of their tongue to the trombone, but how do you measure a good blow job? 

Wouldn't a guy just be pleased you put it in yer mouth?  No?  So what constitutes getting the title Blow Job Queen.

Here are some of the names:

Oral Sex
Polish the Knob
Slob the Knob
Sucking Cock
Flob the Knob
Getting a Hummer
Smoking the Pole
Sucky Sucky
Monica Lewinksy
Hum Job
Special Kiss
Skull Fucking
Play the skin flute
Getting yer knees dirty
Painting the Tonsils
Cleaning the pipes
Get on yer knees and intern
Play the Meat Trombone
Suck the Popsicle
Drinking from the Tap
Sucking dick
Going Down
Shutting her up
Playing the male organ
Blowing the meat whistle
Pleasuring the Finklestick
Throat massage
Emptying the Twinkie
Chowing the Sausage
Deep Throat
Extreme Yoga
Bob Head
Banging the Bald Headed Yoghurt Slinger
Chicken Head
Crome the Dome
Doing The Head
Jingling the Jewels
Giving Cone
Gobby Knobby
Head Banging

What do you call it?


Matty said...

Well consider me educated now. I hadn't heard of a lot of those names.

Oilfield Trash said...

All women claim to the BJ Queen but where all of them at? If I had a dollar for every time a woman who has told me that, I would be rich. If I had a dollar for every time a woman who has said that has also proved it, I would have no money.

Ami said...

Not gonna say what we call it here... too personal. The names you posted are funny... but the picture was hysterical.


Brian Miller said...

and here i just call it a good day... said...

I call it a once-a-year treat.


LilPixi said...

Wow, I didn't know I was so boring. I just call it a BJ. Now I feel lame.

Mike Smith said...

I've no idea what you're talking about...

G-Man said...

Some things are better left unsaid.
You Rock Jillie Bean!!

DCHY said...

Never heard half of the names. I'll try a few on my wife just to see if she *knows* them. ;)


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