Friday, 8 July 2011

A Shoegasm and Friday Fawk Yous

Take my button, link up and share some of your favourite pair of Hooker Heels.
Miu Miu Sparkly Pumps $950

Pony Hair Pumps $120

Guess Cherry Red $99
Charles David Blue Suede $195
Nine West $89
Charles Davids $145

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Its also Fawk You Friday! So, go and link up with Boobies and Christy and let it all oot! Give these girls a whirl, they're Absa-fucking-Lootly brilliant.

  • Fuck you to the Pneumonia replaps that whacked me this week.  Thats two weeks at home!  That's the longest time I've ever been at home for an illness (even the times I was in hospital for shit).  In conclusion, I HATE being ill, I hate feeling crap and I'm glad I'm on the mend.  Back to work on Monday and I'm actually glad!  Oh I know I'm such a fucking loser.

  • Fuck you to the truck loads of snot that I have mopped up over the past two weeks.  I have gone through 354.7 tissues and my nose is red and cracked and my lips look like urban street maps - totally smoochless!
Have a BRILLIANT weekend, Plonkers.  Don't forget to enter my competition - Caption my Freaky Photo #11. and as promised here is a wee video montage from our Hot Air Ballooning experience.


cat said...

I really hope you are much mcuh better girl.

Mark said...

My Mom stole all my Hooker Heels when I still lived at home. I really should invest in some new ones. But who has the time?
Have a great weekend! m.

Brian Miller said...

ugh...hope you are feeling better for sure...

Lesley said...

I hope you feel better soon, lady. And holla...those red Guess shoes are the shit!

Yes I Blog said...

Love the Guess Cherry Reds!!! I have a pair of royal blue similar to those...except they have black bows on them...yep...hooker heels for sure!

Hope the coming week you feel top notch again!

Jessica Thompson said...

Those charles davids are pretty! Followed.

David L Macaulay said...

that sounds crappy - hope ya feel better.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@cat You're such a sweetie!

@Mark Och Mark you'll make time for something you love, right?

@Brian @David @Lesley @YesIBlog @Jessica thank you, beautiful lads and lassies


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