Friday, 26 August 2011

Friday Feature #5 and a Shoegasm

Meet pretty and lovely Sidney.  
She and G  have been a couple for 13 years.  They share an awesome blog called My Mother-In-Law is Still Sitting Between Us.

In May 2010, G's mother passed away but he had not stepped foot into his childhood home for more than 18 years.

His parents left him a legacy of clutter and neglect that he now must handle. G has been planning for this for years, since he was his parents’ only child. We live 2 hours away from their home, so we are managing this project remotely and hands-on, jointly and independently, learning and SPENDING a lot as we go. We have great friends, family, and professionals supporting us, but we are not utilizing them as resources as much as we should. 

Give them a visit and you too can help out with people in similar circumstances who have started Hoarding Hurts.

Sidney, G's Mum and G
[making lunch: farfalle, peas, sauteed tomatoes, oregano, garlic]

"Feta?" [handing him a chuLnck]


[nom nom noming quietly]

"Phew! That is sharp! Or old... How old is that feta?"

"You tell me."

[just waiting, knowingly]

"Uh-oh. It's passed its date a little."

"And it is sharp."

"I don't know... Do we get rid of it?"

[just waiting, knowingly]

"What do you think?"

"I think it's just sharp."

"I don't know..."

[ceasing her lunch prep, taking and closing the feta container. Putting feta into trash.]

[removing from trash]  "Wait!! No!!  You can't DO that!"

[this cycle repeats three times]

"Hmm... Yep, it's bad."

[final trash deposit]

[after an hour of stewing, she loses her shit]

"I am upset with you."

"What? The feta was *bad.*"

"Yes. I gave you my opinion when asked. I heard the date. I made an evaluation. I threw it away. I did what you wanted."

"No! No, you didn't."

"Yes. I gave you my opinion when asked. I heard the date. I made an evaluation. I threw it away. I did what you wanted. Three effing times."

"No, you didn't *smell* it."

[just waiting, knowingly][realizing that he was not the only kooky one]

[thinking she was just upset that he was leaving, to return to his hoard]

[she went with Parmesan instead]

[end scene] 

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Have a Brilliant Weekend, Plonkers!


Dazee Dreamer said...

oh my, i love that you find inexpensive shoes.

Madeleine said...

Ah yes I saw a TV programme about a hoarder mum and her daughter, recently, who has set up a help website

My parents aren't as bad as that but they have a compulsion not to throw things away if they can help it.

Cat said...

Some really cute shoes :)

Xmas Dolly said...

My mom wore wedges all the time, and they're back in style? I love them. They don't hurt like high heels, so maybe I'm gonna go out & buy me a pair for tomorrow's party! Thanks for stopping by, and Monday's theme is... wait for it.. wait for it.. IT'S A FREEBIE!!!!! WOO HOO! HUGZZZZZZZZZZ HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND.

Mama Spaghetti said...

I love the last pair: those ruffle platforms!

Oh how I wish I wouldn't be eight feet tall if I wore those shoes! (Ok, just a tad over 6', but still...really tall)

Left Coast Guy said...

I will pop right over there and give them a little bloggy luv!


Kimby said...

Hello! I'm visiting from Sid's site. Stylish shoes! (This, from a cowboy boot and flip flop devotee.) And Sid -- nice to see your smiling face here, as well as your acerbic wit again. We have the same conversation at our house, only it's called, "Yes, but did you LOOK for it?" Carry on, ladies!

Anonymous said...

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