Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday Follower #7 and a Shoegasm

Alma does Blogging is a fellow Ginger and a Durbanite! To you foreign Plonkers that read my blog, that means she's a local bokkie, a South African! 

Her blog is like a box of chocolates - full of all sorts.

Welcome to Friday Follower, Alma!

I have possibly the most unimaginative name for my blog but when I started it,  I did not know which direction it would take; work or pleasure.

Bugger work.  I do so much research and read so many wonderfully clever blogs by seriously clever people that I am sure no-one would read my 2 cents on the vast subject of social media.  So fun and frivolity, venting and vocalising nonsense became the blog’s persona.

I am also a red-head but my colouring is called Strawberry Blonde.  Blerrie pretentious, nĂ©?  I live in Durban and work from home assisting companies and individuals with their setup, strategy and training on social networks. I am so fortunate to love what I do. 

I have a teenage daughter who I love to bits but refer to as The Alien.  You can read why here and let me know if you agree with me and if you can enlighten me as to whether male teenagers have similar characteristics. 

My husband of 15 years is called Chicken Man. No, he is not scared of me (I wish!) but he works in the chicken industry and talks chicken in his sleep.  The Ama Glug-Glug wine club is my substitute for drugs and therapy.

Whilst my 4 pets watch my every move, I find plenty of topics to blog about even if I don’t leave the house. Sure, a lot of my posts are absolute rubbish but I always feel a sense of relief or pleasure after pressing “publish post” My most popular post was just a vent I had during a particularly bad day. Obviously people like to feel that they are not alone in having those shitty days when nothing seems to go right.

Thank you A Daft Scots Lass for your humorous blog which I visit whenever work gets hectic and I need some light relief.  Your prolific posting inspires me to post more frequently.....actually, let’s be honest - your prolific posting puts me to shame and is the firm kick up the arse I need to blog more often.

$29.99 at Shoe Ocean

$29.99 at Shoe Ocean
Bamboo Wedge in Blue $25.99
Pwetty pwetty Louboutins.  My favourite....


Copyboy said...

None of your posts of are rubbish.

Lesmarie Williams said...

Hey thats my mate Alma! And in that photo is me! Alma is well worth the follow she will make you laugh all the way!

BecauseIcan said...

LOL! Alma is deeevine :-)

And OMG!! at the Shoegasm today!! I am in super lust for Louboutins!!

have a super Friday !!

Madeleine said...

Great post, fab shoes. :O)

Cyn said...

i think i just creamed my jeans over those purple shoes -- s w o o n!
and for $30 -- hello lovah!

Rachel said...

I have no idea why I wasn't already following you. Major fail! I'm following you now. I LOVE the shoes!

Outsourced Communications said...

Thank you A Daft Scots Lass. The world of bloggers is a truly warm and welcoming one! I still do not know how anyone can possibly walk in the shoes you feature, though.

nitebyrd said...

Those Louboutins are to die for! But those purple ones I could afford and they are totally rockin'!


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