Wednesday, 5 October 2011

There are two things in life I like hard and one of them is eggs.

One of my Brilliant Plonkers, Left Coast Guy, has challenged me to take up the gauntlet of the 7 Links Blog Challenge and I couldn't be happier than a pig in shite because its a unique blog challenge.

The aim of this challenge is to dig up your old dusty posts and present them to your blogging audience, old and new.  Please read to the bottom as I have selected 7 readers to continue this happy wee pyramid. Don't make me come and find you...

1. My most beautiful post
I write juvenile poetry from time to time...Nightingale

2. My most popular post
My most popular post was taken down a while ago for being too risqué but since the Blog Clean Up of 2011, my most popular post is Show 'em Yer Camel Toe with 59 670 views to date.  I guess camel toes are popular on the interwebz. 

3. My most controversial post
Since the Blog Clean Up of 2011, many of the controversial posts have been moved to Draft. However, this one remains, as it was quite the trend at the time.

4. My most helpful post
I'm not famous for being helpful but reading my 100 Things will shed some light on how loopy I really am.

5. A post whose success surprised me
My EdenFantasys Giveway.  I didn't expect such a huge response, so there will be another one towards the end of the month.

6. A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
0 comments is an awful thing to see, A Very Odd Night  got two comments and I was expecting more seeing I was so freaked the fuck out!

7. The post that I am most proud of
I wouldn't say I'm proud, but I read this every year when the dreaded winter rolls in.  Most of you Plonkers know I Hate Winter!

And now for the 7 fucking Brilliant Plonkers that I nominate to continue this challenge. I look forward to reading some of their OLD posts.


Lesley said...

God knows that I found your blog by googling " Sweet, sweet camel toe " ;oP

The Frog Queen said...

I love that you won this....gave me the links to catch up on some of your posts....thanks. All brilliant!

I bow to your awesomeness!!


cat said...

I read the night one now, but gosh - that is scary. I have a while ago also been challenged for this one but have not found the time to do as yet.

Pearl said...

Good way to catch up with you!


Cyn said...

love this! thanks for the challenge -- cannot wait to write it later on today! :) :) :)

Boobies said...

I'm going to have to read through some of these I've missed out on now.

The camel toe gets them every single time.

Joshua said...

Now I really want to know what was so risque about the post you took down. Any chance of getting a look at it somehow?

Copyboy said...

Ooo now this seems like a very cool idea!! BTW...I thought your "what's for dinner B*tch" post was way more um risque.

Babes Mami said...

Great links!

The Glebe Blog said...

The Scottish double positive....
Aye....Right !

But it's up and running.
Nae mair challenges please or I'll abandon the Glebe and stick to the Irreverent

Monkey Man said...

Blogcentric challenge. I like this one. said...

This post title alone is highly entertaining. I always have fun when visiting.
Be well.

Becca. said...

it's lovely to find more about you!
you have a lovely blog!


Bouncin' Barb said...

Great idea and good choices to pass it onto. Thanks for sharing!


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