Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Caption My Freaky Photo Competition #7

I think I'll start having themes from my weekly Caption My Freaky Photo Competition. 

What do you think?

Once again, I'm relying on you creative and talented Plonkers to help with suggestions.

Pop me and email at  info@redpepa.za.net with your theme ideas.

Caption This One, Bitches and win a free sample of a wee sumfink from The Daft Scots Lass!

Monday, 30 May 2011

Monday Music Moves Me

Xmas Dolly hosts Monday Music Moves Me and this week's theme is Summer and the weather .

Ella did this one first but I love Fantasia's version too.

Couldn't forget my Jack White

These two aren't related to the theme but I thought I'd squeeze them in

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Conversations with Kaylin and her School Sports Day

A conversation with my 5 year old Kaylin recently:

*seeing a police car whizz by with flashing lights and whailing sirens*

Kaylin:  Mum, if you are naughty, the police will come and put you in jail!  Like if you touch their stuff or something...

Me:  Yes, love.

Kaylin:  They put you in a room with bars and they lock it with a key and throw it away.

Me:   Thats terrible! Then you really need to make sure you don't do anything naughty.  Otherwise, the police will come and handcuff you and take you away to jail.

Kaylin:  Oh yes!

Me:  What do you do in jail?

Kaylin:  Nothing! You just sit there - all alone!

Me:  What else?

Kaylin:  And you don't get to see your Mummy or Daddy or Sister or Pickles [our cat]

Me:  What do you get to eat in jail?

Kaylin:  MUSHROOMS! ... and VINEGAR!

Me:  Oh My, thats doesn't sound nice at all.

Kaylin:  It's not!

Me:  Gosh, I really don't want to go to jail.

Kaylin:  Me either.... EVER!

Kaylin had her School Sports Day yesterday and it was a success.  The weather was nice and sunny but still a chilly winter's day with everyone wrapped up in their winter woolies, jackets, scarves and hats. 

Kaylin enjoyed running her race.  She was getting so impatient waiting for those few seconds that it took to run from the start to finish and hearing "Ready, Steady, Go!".

The Opening Parade
The Pram Race
Mums and Dads Piggie Back Race

Dads Beer Chugging Race
Kaylin's race started off by holding dad's hand
Then Kaylin realised she could go faster without Daddy
Nearly there, Mum!
I won!  Chuffed that she got a prize and a winning medal

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Get Back to your Cubicle and Think Outside the Box, Plonker

Whether your gig is playing a musical instrument like my guitar genius hero, Jack White or writing a song like Lennon and McCartney, written word like Shakespeare or creating something visual like a painting or sculpture.  

They are all asked the same question :"where does it come from"?

This is a difficult question to answer and got me pondering.

My opnion, is that it all starts with a feeling.  That feeling creates a spark, something that kick-starts that passion within you.  Something may make you angry, jealous, sad, happy, frustrated...Its starts with that specific feeling. 

The creativity kicks in when you display your individual method to express that feeling.

It then moves to the expressive stage, getting that feeling "out there" by producing a piece of work that you cannot stop or delay until all those feelings are expressed in a way that makes you feel satisfied.

It needs concentration and pushing your boundaries of thought and method. But once its out there it is a huge relief.  The feeling of accomplishment when it is completed they exact way you intended it to.

You've shared something with another human being. We only hope that in the process, we've made someone else feel connected to it.  Making them feel like they are not alone, that someone shares their thoughts.

If you have made someone relate and agree - or disagree - the creative process has been complete.

As long as it stirs some sort of emotion that starts the entire process off again.

Yesterday, I watched It Might Get Loud which is a documentary movie about three awesome guitarists: Jimmy Page from Led Zepplin, Jack White from The White Stripes and The Edge from U2.  This made me think of the creative process and how it manifests...

Its a great film.  Go watch!

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Friday, 27 May 2011

Caption My Freaky Photo #6 Winner Vlog....

Congratulations to Aaron M. Gipson over at Leaving The Nest : An Expats Survival Guide who has just become a daddy of wee twin lassies and is the Winner of Caption My Freaky Photo #6.

Guidebook on how to identify hallucinogenic cacti: $30.00

Road trip to the desert with family: $150.00

Coming back from your "walk" to see them all as judgmental pastries baking under the Nevada sun: Priceless

Turn it up loud!!! I'm Talking about Zepplin!

Friday's Shoegasm, Fawk You and Walmart Booty Bouncing

Take My Friday's Shoegasm button and post your favourite pair of  pretty shoes.  Top Shop has some awesome stuff but I couldn't have a Shoegasm without Christian Louboutin - The Fucking Genius when it comes to heels.

Christian Louboutins

Fun Circus Style Shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti’s Multi-coloured pumps $599

Mona Moore at This Next

Top Shop $190
Oh My Sweet Fucking Genius I have fallen in LOVE with Top Shop!  Take me there and leave me there if you wish.  Have you seen some of their stuff? Why or why do we not have a Top Shop here in South Africa?  My birthday is next month, Plonkers!  Send me some Top Shop Love!!!!
Top Shop $128

Link up with Boobies and Christy for Fawk You Friday

BWS tips button

  • Fuck you to the Doochebag interwebs whom I normally adore and love more than anything but this week while surfing it up, revealed who won American Idol before we got to see the finale here in South Africa.  That's just Bollix!
  • Fuck you to wee Bloemfontein lassie who married Nicolas Cage's son, Weston.  South African girls are certainly getting "out there".  Then again Fuck That, she can have him, he's kinda creepy actually.
  • Fuck you to the South African Lotto that picked my FIL to win a nasty sum of cash instead of me!  Och well, they say you've gotta play it to win it, right?  Go Dadio! 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

KFC Fail

We got take out on Monday night.

My Boerewors decided to treat us to KFC seeing as he got home early from work and we'd both had really busy days (and he knew I was still feeling delicate from the wicked Saturday night Alcohol Chug Fest).

Anyhoo, we were so disappointed with the food.

First Fail
Not only was everything dirt cold by the time My Boerewors drove the 4km from Brackenhurst KFC to home, but the mash and gravy was a disgrace.  There was about 1cm of mash at the bottom of the tub and the rest was filled up with gravy.  It was a runny mess and it was only two thirds filled.  

Second Fail
My Boerewors ordered the KFC Bowl and was given a red plastic spoon which cut his lip from being split AND had someone else's dried ice-cream on it! Dirty Spoon?

Third Fail
You could see my burger had never been warmed up because the cheese was still a perfect square never to be melted by a hot beef patty or anything else hot for that matter.  

The kids sprinkle pops was the only acceptable item from the entire R135.00 order.

I guess someone was having a really bad day at KFC or else they're starting to skimp for bigger profits.

Either which way its a disgrace.

How the mash and gravy SHOULD look according to their website
This is how MY mash and gravy looked - two thirds filled?

This side view shows the minimal 1cm of mash at the bottom topped up with gravy.

Very disappointed.

Don't forget to enter my Caption My Freaky Photo Competition

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Caption My Freaky Photo Competition #6

I declare this week's
Caption My Freaky Photo Competition
now open.

Caption it and win and wee something from A Daft Scots Lass.

This one makes me so hungry 
I could eat a nun's arse through the convent railings!  Just gimme the chocolate one and no one gets hurt.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Sam's Birthday Party. No. Correction, Alcohol Chug Fest!

Firstly, I reveal some of the acceptable images of Sam's Birthday Party....

Mel and Cheyna, Daft Mandy in the back

The chocolate cake shooters. They really did taste like chocolate cake. 


Mel and Sam (the birthday girl)


The Girls

Great fun but the next day?

I was regurgitating whiskey through my nose!  I thought my stomach was churning liquored butter!  I couldn’t pick my head up without feeling like it was going disengage from my staggering body.  Even my fucking eyeballs ached.  The kids wanted me out of bed at 6:30am but didn’t they know I only got home at 2am?  I think I was still half pissed when I got up.

Jaysus, I wondered how I was going to get through the day. 

On top of that we had a family lunch at a semi-posh restaurant to go to.  I didn’t know how I was going to make it!  Especially as my gut was doing an impersonation of an alcoholic tumbleweed.   I could hardly walk, let alone make polite conversation and pretend to be human.  Cool water on my face was my best friend after hanging over the porcelain.  Everything I was ingesting was revisiting my mouth 10 minutes later.  Urgh!  

I spent the morning retching up most of the alcohol in my system. Then the dry heaves set in.  My belly lurches were causing an intestinal inferno.  I tried to take wee nibbles of dry bread to settle my stomach so I could make it to lunch. 

I finally made it to the restaurant for lunch and I also managed to eat something and digest it!  My Cajun calamari would have tasted so much better without the peppering of puke.

Never again!

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Monday Music Moves Me

Link up with Xmas Dolly for Monday's Music Moves Me.  There is no theme this week, so I'm sharing some of my favourites with you.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

And The Winner Is...

The Winner of this week's Caption my Freaky Photo #5...

I couldn't decided between cat and THUNDERCAT - hey they're both feline! I just realised that as I typed their names together. Well done kitties.  Email me at info@redpepa.za.net , send me your physical addresses and I'll be sending you a wee something.

"Our emergency plan for dealing with the dreaded wombles eating pink aliens - bath tub, pink alien elimination gun - all to protect our womble" - cat


"When all hell breaks loose, we'll use this tub as a bunker...the dog should feed us for months" - THUNDERCAT

You guys out-did yourself this week.  I can't wait for the next one.  Be sure to come back on Tuesday for #6. 

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Awesome South African hand made products

This is Proudly South African website I came across last week and I go so excited about it. Mielie.com.  The Mielie Team weave handbags and homeware out of mielies (for my overseas readers, mielies is corn).  I just LOVE their handbags, they are so trendy, colourful and dead cute!

Cozy Craft is another kewl website full of hand crafted South African sheepskin products made by women.

These booties are the cutest, donchya think?

Loving this hat!

Give Chocolate Time a visit.   They are based in a Cape Town and they make beautiful and delicious hand-made chocolates.  Use them for any special occassion to design your own customised wrapper or packaging. Very flexible indeed! 

Tanya Daniels is the creator of Enchanted Charms and makes the most adorable handmade jewellrey. 

She does the cutest wee custom-made name braclets which are great as christening gifts or baby shower gifts.  

Tanya has also created her own line of Twilight inspired Jewellrey for those who have the Twiddiction.  Go check her out.

Few of us can stand Prosperity. Another person's, I mean.

I got this idea from Copyboy who is always doing and saying fucking mental things on his Blog. 

Recently he said he'd eat and digest someone else's scab for $128.96.  

Now, with the current exchange rate, that's roughly ZAR900.  He's fucking insane!!

So tell me, what would you do on film for R1000 or roughly $150?  

Would you:

a. eat someone else's scab?
b. chug someone else's first morning pee?
c. sleep with your best friend's mother?
d. drink an entire bottle of hot sauce?
e. pick yer nose and eat it in public?
f. eat a vomit omlette?
g. chew someone else's old gum that's been stuck underneath a bench for a few weeks/months.
h.  chain smoke for 24 hours straight
i.  drink a bottle of mustard.
j.  drop your last bus money into a dirty public toilet and fish it out.
k. dip yourself in honey and go lie outside on the grass for an hour for all the bugs to feast on you.
l.  leave a skid-marked pair of knickers in the bathroom sink at work but make sure they have your name on them!

How far would you go, or how far have you gone for R1000?

Oh remember according to the news - the world ends today so all I can say is So Long, Farewell.   It was real!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday's Shoegasm and Fawk You Friday on Voting

Take the Friday's Shoegasm button and post your favourite pair of Hooker Heels.  Lets see whats in your shoe cupboard!

The new Christian Louboutin collection *double drool*  don't even want to know how much they cost.  I would probably have to work for six months just to pay for them.  But aren't they soooo pretty?!

Price: £119.00

BWS tips button

Fawk You Friday's Rules are :
  • Take the button
  • Link up 
  • Vent your week's frustrations on your blog
Spread the Word - Simple as that!

Fuck You to the Brackenhurst Voting Station who let the four of us stand in the queque freezing our arses off for 20 minutes before they told us we weren't registered at their pityful make-shift voting station.  Pffft!  We then had to go stand in the Meyersdal Voting Station queue for another hour and a half to put two piddly crosses on two silly ballot papers.  Does my vote really count?

Fuck you to MNet who air Australia's Master Chef every single fucking day on prime time.  How many boring cooking shows can we physically stomach before I spew my supper all over the screen?  Jaysus, give us some re-runs of The Big Bang Theory.  Even Knight Rider would be better than the junk you air for us.

Last one is a Fuck You to Winter in general.  Everyone knows I hate being cold.  I can't feel my toes anymore and my nose looks like a Poppy.  So not attractive.  Just Fuck Off and don't come back.  No one likes you.  You're annoying, so go be morbid and depressing somewhere else.


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