Saturday, 31 December 2011

Caption My Photo Competition #35

I usually do this on a Tuesday but this week its gonna run from now until Toozday.  Then on Toozday I will announce a winner and have a new competition - back to normal.

So this is the last day of 2011, go caption my photo and win a wee something from me.

Here's this week's image



Friday, 30 December 2011

Featured Friday Follower

I haven't done Friday Follower in a while.  I have a brilliant Guest Post from Rooikat.  Enjoy!

Salut à tous! My name's J a.k.a Rooikat. I'm a crazy ginger ninja, currently in France. My first blog feature!? Eeeek! I feel honored! A Daft Scots Lass found me during a Bloghop, and the pleasures of finding another crazy ginger ninja across the ocean, in SA, my home turf, made me jump with glee!
I first started up my blog back in January, when I headed over to France for research, now procrastinating and unable to finish a thesis, I’m back. Rooikat’s back. Living it up in Normandy, where cows are everywhere, the cider is flowing, apples are readily available in every size and form, and the rain comes down thicker and more sideways than a classic August day in Kaapstad.
Being so far away from home, any reminder of SA: a postcard, a youtube video, an accent, makes me smile! I often say something, or unintentionally do something, and get strange strange looks in reply and I giggle thinking: ah, being south african abroad. No-one gets it, but singing  "Tennisballe, krieketballe snoekerballe as jy wil!"   in the res parking lot with a gorgeous Italian man at 2am in the morning is just one of those priceless moments.
Living abroad is great! Everyday I try do something new and awkwardly tourist like. I attempt to not eat too many croissants, teach useful English phrases to my kids, and slowly but surely conquer the French language. A glass of vino helps! In all 3 cases :)
French, the language of looooove. Paris je t’aime! Everyone knows at least some French. «Bonjour», «Au revoir»....Its so sexy and romantic. Right?! We’re all mostly likely to have seen some French film, and swooned over *insert any man* with a sexy French accent. They are  all charming, witty and seductive non? Ah, ma chérie! All bad stereotypes aside, France is a great country, and French is an awesome language! You can say the most random thing, and it sounds perfect. Romantic and dreamy :)

In a Daft Scots Lass' «Not for the feint-hearted or Plonkers that are offended by four-letter words» style, I find it most appropriate that I impart a bit of my French knowledge with you.

But there is really only 1 word you need to know. Yes, that right plonkers. Only 1 word. Your dreams to fly to Paris, see the Eiffel Tower, and wine and dine on cheese and baguettes CAN become a reality! Forget expensive French classes. There is only one word you need to get your French on....

I hope you guys will visit J and leave her a comment or five and follow her wee bloggy. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

New Years Resolutions. Go ahead and pull up a sofa.

Last year on the 2nd of January I stopped smoking. I normally don't stick to New Year's Resolutions but this was one I was pretty serious about.

I was successful going cold turkey and have been nicotine free since then. In the process, I have put on 10kgs and become a fully fledge fat-arsed fatty. So, this year my New Year's Resolution is to loose weight.

Most of you know that my weight has yo-yoed over the years and, if my mind and heart is not 100% willing, NOTHING works.  I know, I've tried. 

This is now the time to shed it.

I have a plan, I have my menu, I have my gym schedule, I don't want to be a fatty anymore.

Watch this space!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Best of 2011

To celebrate the end of the year, I thought some highlighs of 2011 would be in order.

Lindsay Lohan gets her kit off for Playboy for $1 million and her secret diary revealed that she was dating Heath Ledger when he died.

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Millions of people around the world watched the beautiful Kate become the Princess of Cambridge and exchange vows with Willy.
Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London home after dying from what was later announced as "too much alcohol".

There were plenty celebrity babies born in 2011:
  • Mariah and Nick Cannon welcomed twins in April - Moroccan and Monroe.
  • Natalie Portman and fiance welcomed Aleph in June.
  • Pink welcomed her daughter Willow Sage.
Beyoncé announced her pregnancy with Jay-Z and is due in 2012.

Giuliana Rancic was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Ame Deal was locked in a box and left to die.

Will Smith and Jada plan to divorce after 15 years of marriage.  Who knows what will happen with their celebrity superstar kids, Jaden and Willow?
Dallas Wiens was th first person in America to receive a complete face transplant

Arkay the Alcohol-free whisky flavoured drink was branded and promoted.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries spent $10 million on getting hitched only to get divorced 72 days later.

Dumb Blonde Crystal Harris left the world famous playboy, Hugh Hefner, only days before they planned to get married!

Demi Moore announced that she's filing for divorce from Ashton Kutcher.

And that was a look at what happened in 2011 in Celebrityville.  What was your Best of 2011?

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

If I wanted to hear from an asshole, I'd fart

Whether you're teeming with frustration, overwhelmed with envy, or just plain in the mood, there are unlimited reasons to blast off an insult.  From fuck words to long-winded dialogues, back-handed compliments to in-yer-face jeers, sometimes you've gotta say what's really on yer mind.

The personal benefits of releasing such negative energy far outweigh someone else's hurt feelings, especially if they're a raging Plonker!

You'll feel empowered, in control, and generally truck loads better about yerself by taking down those doochebags around you.  In today's world, niceness is completely overrated.

Philosophers understand that the pleasure of a skillfully delivered insult, and the frequently ensuing amusement, comes from the enjoyment of contrasting our own superiority with the foibles of others.

Often we're in a situation where the moment presents itself to deliver the perfect cracker of a doozy but we're at a loss for what to say and what to insult.  Only afterwards do we think of what we should have said.  When this happens just remember The theory of relativity

Relatively speaking, someone is always fatter or skinnier, older or younger - even if only by a few ounces or days.  If they're dumber than a doorknob, pick on their intelligence (this is a personal favourite of mine).  If they're smarter, mock their arrogance.  If they're mean, impugn their character.  If, on the other hand, you find yourself at the  receiving end of a disparaging remark, you'll need a witty comeback. 

It's the survival of the fittest and morons lurk everywhere. 

Despite the age-old saying that "words will never hurt me" but we all know that a biting comment can be a devastatingly effective slap in the face. 

It's not easy being fucking mean but it sure is fun!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Monday Music Moves Me

It's Monday again and that would be Christmas over for another year but the festivities continue in our wee house as my sister and her man and my niece, Claire Jane are coming for Boxing Day Lunch, as we call it.

In the meantime, here's some more Christmas music for you guys to enjoy. Go link up with Xmas Dolly and share your favourite Christmas toonz.

Rock it!

This isn/t Christmas music but I figure, since they won the latest X Factory in the UK, I'd feature the Little Muffin's Little Mix.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Day with A Daft Scots Lass Clan

Christmas Morning Loot

Megan soopa happy about her electric scooter

A Daft Scots Lass opening her prezzies in her jammies

Megan and her Lego

KK and her microphone

More gifts

My 15 inch digital photo frame

Hubby and his Tom Tom
KK and her electric Lamborgini

Megan and her scooter

Christmas Lunch by the Pool

Christmas Eve with A Daft Scots Lass and Gang

Christmas Eve was spent with close friends at Mandy's place and tradition goes that we spend R30 on everyone's gag gift and we wait until midnight and then spend ages getting Santa to dish out the presents.  Until midnight we played the board game 30 seconds and drank strawberry dacquiries.

Good Times!

Mandy, Kaylin and Tammy

All the presents under the Christmas Tree

30 Seconds Game

Emma Pup joined in the festivities

But Midnight was too far away...

Friends with Dacquiris.  Yum!

Kaylin wearing her mohican wig.

Group Christmas shot
Meet Santa

Midnight finally arrived and it was gift opening time

Kaylin and Missy

Gift Ripping

Mandy shows off her balls

Norman strikes a pose

Ouma with a festive drinkie

Percy opens his presents

Megan's debri

Dirk was lucky enough to get a turn sit on Santa's lap

Saturday, 24 December 2011

A Pair o' Jaggie Pockies

A True Christmas story.

I shite you not.

My Aunt Jan and Uncle Robert got married really young and she wasn’t the most domesticated goddess under the sun, in fact, she was pretty useless in the kitchen and even more hopeless at homemade crafts – but hell, did she try really hard!

When we still lived in Scotland, every Christmas my sister and I used to get showered by gifts by all our family. I mean TOTALLY spoiled. We used to spend half the day opening gifts! It was completely insane.

Let me set the picture for you. I have quite an extensive extended family in Scotland. My dad is a family of four siblings and my mum is from a family of 6 siblings. Hence, we had 10 aunties and uncles who spoiled us broken at Christmas time (that’s not including grandparents, cousins and plenty family friends).

Anyway back to Aunt Jan…because she married my Uncle Robert so young, they really didn’t have much money and so when Christmas time came she spent countless hours making everyone home-made gifts and, bless her, they weren’t really, well lets put it this way…you used it or wore it once and then it accidentally fell into the back of your cupboard, never to be seen again.
I will never forget this one year, Aunt Jan knitted my sister and I pockies (you would probably know them as mittens). She must’ve bought the scratchy wool at the local 10p bargain bin store because the wool was a mucky blue colour and had the texture of fucking Grade A steel wool. 

Awww her heart was in the right place. She’d even embroidered teeny weeny yellow and white flowers and a leaf on the top side on the pokkies. Not only that, she even used to make her own homemade Christmas wrapping paper and tie it with recycled string or ribbon. So you now you understand - a lot of effort and preparation went into her Christmas gifts.

So, I opened her pockies on Christmas morning and tried them on. One hand fitted beautifully but the other hand’s thumb was sticking straight up in the air. Och, bless her, Aunt Jan had gotten the pattern wrong and knitted two mittens but they were the SAME HAND! Two right hands. This meant that the pretty embroidery was on the top of the right hand and on the palm side of the left hand (the only way you could wear them to make the thumbs fit). My mum still made us wear them but only once, to visit Aunt Jan's house.

This wasn’t the only gifts Aunt Jan made us that were crooked or mismatched…one year we got little knitted waist coats which were actually dead cute - however, the buttons didn’t match up with the button holes and one side was longer than the other. Another year we got knitted jumpers with cut out felt Santas on the front and one sleeve was longer than the other and slipped stitches magically appeared when you put it on.

The point I'm trying to make is…who cares what the gift is or what it looks like or even if its a little lopsided – she spent loads of her time and effort making these wonderful gifts that contained truck loads of love. The point being, she thought of us when she made these gifts and that's why I'll NEVER forget them.

I miss getting gifts like this. I don’t mean gifts that you throw in the cupboard and hopefully never see again. I’m talking about gifts that someone has put their heart and soul into. It is so easy these days to go to the shops and buy something last minute and not put any thought whatsoever into it. That's so impersonal.

I’d rather receive Aunt Jan’s jaggy pockies any day.

I only wish I’d kept those pokey pockies as a treasured possession. They were so unique and so very special.

Thanks Aunt Jan, wherever you are!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Cooo-eeee I'm back! User Friendly Beach Holiday - That's what she said!

The long road to the seaside
I'm back in smelly, smoggy Johannesburg and just because you can't smell it doesn't mean the rest of us aren't sufferning.

I missed you guys and I missed my wee blog.

Yeeehaw!  Five days at the Natal South Coast and what a great wee holiday it was.

We arrived at about lunch time on Monday after a 7 hour drive and checked into our large beach flat. We were right on the beach and could hear the waves crashing from our balcony. 

We hardly unpacked and went around to see my mum and dad. My mum was so weak and frail she couldn't even get out of bed to greet us. She looked so pale and exhausted but I still managed to give her a long gentle cuddle, I just didn't squeeze too hard! 
Mum and Kaylin
I had waited a whole year to give her a hug and it was so worth it.

We spent most of the holiday either on the beach or at the pool or just hanging out with my folks, nattering and catching up at at their place.   I always forget how loud our family is and how much we talk. We don't stop and my accent instantly becomes thicker without me even realising it. Hubby always points this out though.

Anyhoover, I had a good chat with both of my parents individually and let them know that they need only ask me for help with anything and I'll be there.   They are not getting any younger and luckily they care for each other at at the moment, but there will come a time when one or both of them will not be able to do these things and then they will need myself and my sister to step in and help.

We are so far away from them and we'd love for them to move back to Johannesburg and be closer but they will NOT hear anything of it right now.


The time will come.

Nevertheless, it was a wicked wee break with loads of relaxing in the sun, playing in the surf and truck loads of special times.

Here are some of the daft pix

On the way to the beach

Palm Beach

My Dad and Kaylin

Family Shot

My Mummy

My folks.  They will be married for 46 years in January!

My Mum posing for the camera

Kaylin on the rocks at Palm Beach

Megan swinging on the big tree branch on Palm Beach

The monkeys were a twice a day occurrence at our wee beach flat

Megan and Kaylin playing in the pool

Megan riding the waves on her Boogie Board


Sandcastles with Dad

My Three in the Sea

Kaylin riding the ways with her Boogie Board

The pathway from our beach flat down to Palm Beach

Fun in the car - a long 7 hour trip.


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