Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Kaylin, A Guest Post and EmmaPup

My wee yun, Kaylin celebrated her 6th birthday this week.  

Since it was a regular school day, she got woken up at Dawn's Crack with a mini chocolate mousse cake (no I didn't have some, not even a lick, not even a fucking sniff) with a sparkler and candle.

It was chocolate cake for breakfast and off to school with homemade cupcakes for all her 35 friends.  After school it was present opening time and off to football practise that evening.

Singing Happy Birthday to Kaylin with her pretty Bed Hair 

Kaylin Blowing out her candle

The Birthday Girl eats cake for breakfast! 

I'm 6 today!

Homemade Cupcakes for all my school friends

Yipeee!  Presents!

Oooooo more prezzies!

Tear it!

I did a Guest Post this week over at Let Them Eat Cake this week.  Go visit and read my drivel and don't forget to enter my Tattoo Challenge!

Some new shots of our wee Emma Pup who is now 5 months old

Emma modelling her new wee jumper that says "Fetch is Yerself!"

Doggie Smile.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Caption My Photo Competition #44

Tuesday means ....

Caption this priceless fuzzy-ball-of-an-image sent to me by a fellow blogger.

Totally whack-a-doodle


The Catch Fire! Blog Partay with Prizes

Today we're supporting a fellow blogger and incredibly talented writer Alex  J. Cavanaugh.
Alex's blog tour runs from February 27 through to March 9 – and anyone who comments on his blog posts during that time, can win a special package from his publisher:  a copy of CassaFire and CassaStar, a large tote bag, and a mug. 

The Catch Fire! sign up form will close 9 pm EST Monday night, February 27, sso Alex  can draw the winners .

Join us on Twitter.  The hashtag for the partay is #CatchFire

CassaStar was only the beginning…

The Vindicarn War is a distant memory and Byron’s days of piloting Cosbolt fighters are over. He has kept the promise he made to his fallen mentor and friend - to probe space on an exploration vessel. Shuttle work is dull, but it’s a free and solitary existence. The senior officer is content with his life aboard the Rennather.

The detection of alien ruins sends the exploration ship to the distant planet of Tgren. If their scientists can decipher the language, they can unlock the secrets of this device. Is it a key to the Tgren's civilization or a weapon of unimaginable power? Tensions mount as their new allies are suspicious of the Cassan's technology and strange mental abilities.
To complicate matters, the Tgrens are showing signs of mental powers themselves, the strongest of which belongs to a pilot named Athee, a woman whose skills rival Byron’s unique abilities. Forced to train her mind and further develop her flying aptitude, he finds his patience strained. Add a reluctant friendship with a young scientist, and he feels invaded on every level. All Byron wanted was his privacy…

Five Star reviews on Edi’s Book Lighthouse and Fantasy Nibbles

Monday, 27 February 2012

2012 Oscar Falderah

"The Artist" was the big winner at last night's Oscars, winning five Academy Awards including best picture and becoming the first silent film to triumph at the Academy Awards since the original Oscar ceremony 83 years ago.

The black and white film - which tells the tale of an old-Hollywood love story - was named Best Picture, while its star Jean Dujardin took Best Actor and Michel 
Hazavanicius took home the award for Best Director.

Accepting the Best Actor accolade, first-time nominee Jean, 39 - who saw off stiff competition from Hollywood stalwarts Brad Pitt and George Clooney - gushed: "I love your country. So many of you here tonight have inspired me."
The film also scooped the awards for Best Costume Design and Best Original Score.

Meryl Streep wins Best Actress

Meryl Streep wins Oscar for Best ActressSeventeen-times nominated star Meryl Streep was named Best Actress for her portrayal of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 'The Iron Lady'.
The 62-year-old third-time Oscar winner kissed husband Don Gummer before taking to the stage at Los Angeles' Kodak Theatre to accept her iconic Oscars statuette.
She joked: "When they called my name I had this feeling I could hear half of America going, 'come on, why her again', but whatever."
Praised by award presenter and her 'Mamma Mia!' co-star Colin Firth for being "unreasonably good", she thanked her colleagues and friends for her "inexplicably wonderful career".

Streep's win was her first Oscar in 29 years, since she won best actress for "Sophie's Choice." She had lost 12 times in a row since then. Streep also has a supporting-actress Oscar for 1979's "Kramer vs. Kramer."

"When they called my name, I had this feeling I could hear half of America go, 'Oh, no, why her again?' But whatever," Streep said, laughing.

"I really understand I'll never be up here again. I really want to think all my colleagues, my friends. I look out here and I see my life before my eyes, my old friends, my new friends. Really, this is such a great honor but the think that counts the most with me is the friendship and the love and the sheer job we've shared making moves together," said Streep, the record-holder with 17 acting nominations.
Another big winner of the night was Martin Scorsese's 3D adventure drama 'Hugo' which was victorious in the categories of Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing and Best Visual Effects.

Christopher Plummer oldest Oscar winner

Christopher Plummer, 82, became the Academy's oldest winner when he was named Best Supporting Actor for his role as a gay father in 'Beginners', while Octavia Spencer picked up the Best Supporting Actress title for 'The Help'. Actor Billy Crystal hosted.

Complete list of the 2012 Oscar winners:

ACTRESS: Meryl Streep - The Iron Lady
ACTOR: Jean Dujardin - The Artist
SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Octavia Spencer - The Help
SUPPORTING ACTOR: Christopher Plummer - The Beginners
DIRECTOR: Michel Hazanavicius - The Artist
FILM EDITING: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
MAKEUP: The Iron Lady
SHORT FILM ANIMATED: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore
VISUAL EFFECTS: HugoAuthor: Andy Goldberg
Associated Press Entertainment Writers Lynn Elber and Christy Lemire contributed to this report.

Monday Music Moves Me


Happy Monday and today's Monday's Music Moves Me Theme is Your Favourite Commercials.

One of my all time favourites - Gary The Toothfairy

Kulula Airlines

Nandos (my favourite take-away place)

John Walker

and of course the I'm on a horse commercial

and one about sweeties

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Blog Award and Happy Oscar Day!

A big huge thanxaroonie to Emmie Mears who gave me a Blog Award. 

Awww Shucks, now you've made me blush. Thanx for the shout out and now for me to break all the rules (as I usually do)

The rules for this bad boy are to share ten things about yourself, and then pass it on to six bloggers.  I really don't consider myself Kreativ or creative at all.  In fact I am soopa envious of all these crafty creative bloggers that make windchimes out of toilet roll holders and a splodge of paint.  I'm in awe of them.

So here is 5 random facts about me

1.  I am a nail biter but I haven't chewed for weeks and I actually have nails now.
2. I often get the urge to write but I'm too impatient to wait until the ideas start flowing.
3. There are only two industries that refer to their customers as "users".  Bullshit or Bullfact?
4. My favourite swear word?  Fuck.  Fuck.  Fuck and FuckKnob.
5.  I'd like to leave you with something positive, but I can't think of anything positive to say.  Would yo take two negatives?

I only thought up 5 instead of 10, but rules are meant to be broken right?

Now I'm passing it on to 5 other awesome Blogtistas.

Fabulously Flawed

Fat Mum Slim

Ramblings of a Semi-Mad Man

Fabulous Atypical Ramblings of Nuclear Cheese

Squatlo Rant

Happy Oscar Day!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

And The Winner Is...

This week's Caption My Photo Winner is Curmudgeon.

Although, Lost in Idaho had me giggling because I was thinking exactly the same quote!

Joshua's had me smiling when he referred to Hickory Dickory Cock and Mike had me reading Burns poetry out loud to my familiy.

I just got this toy from Eden, and look, across the road! A hen house! Let's go get some tail.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Friday Follower and a Shoegasm

Yipeeeeeeee!  Its Friday and I'm featuring Chris Davis – better known as The Frog Queen has an obsession with all things Halloween and a ridiculously large frog collection, which has allowed her to control all the frogs in the world.  At least that is what she believes.

Chris is obsessed with:

♥ Halloween and all things dark and creepy
♥ Creating creepy things!
♥ Scotland – The picture of me at Flora McDonald’s grave is one of my favorite possessions.
♥ Wine…but only red. White wine….no bloody way!
♥ Stuff with skulls on it
♥ Blogging
♥ My cats…since we are childless by choice….our cats are our kids.
♥ Books – mostly Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman and Clive Barker.
♥ My Halloween friends/family

What do you think is the most interesting thing about you?
Besides me being crazy? I am completely obsessed with all things Halloween – I mean really, really obsessed. They have not committed me yet…but it is only a matter of time.

What got you started in blogging?
I love sharing my silly stories with everyone….and then it became more about sharing what I create and my travels, be it to haunt convention or graveyards around the world. I just want to share with others the how much I love the world through Halloween eyes!!

What's one of your favorite things about where you live and what you do?
This one is tricky, in my town…I love my town, but sometimes it does not love me….not everyone likes creativity….unless is really safe. Halloween decorations = not safe. But the larger town I am close to (Portland) is a lot more interesting….we have a bar that is HP Lovecraft themed…..that just makes me smile….and buy way too many drinks.

If you could be something different from what you do, what would it be?
I recently became unemployed from a very corporate job. I cannot believe the amount of people that have come to me and said that this is a sign (which….not really my thing) and I should do “Halloween” for a living. I had no idea that so many people had such faith in my creations. If I could make scary decorations for a living…..that would be a happy frog queen.

What's different about you?
Not many people follow their creative instinct in a corporate world….you either fit into the mold or not. For a long time I separated myself between both worlds. I can tell you….that will hurt you in ways you will not understand. Even though I found friends in my corporate world that “liked” what I did….I could see in their eyes that they were just waiting for me to “get over” my phase. Which, now I see, they were just waiting for me to give up…..the world does not need more of that.

On the creative side – with what I do with my friends (crew/minions) for our display is to be sure that I never make anyone doubt what they are doing….love what you create. Always, always….express yourself creatively my friends. Your heart should never be broken and resigned to a lesser fate.

Your favorite place in the world?
Call me silly – sunny and warm is what most people like. But husband and traveled around the UK looking for a perfect home…and we like rainy and cozy…so (outside of) Edinburgh or St. Andrews is where I would move today. There is this castle in Dairsie… is absolute heaven. It is about 20 feet from a graveyard (we stayed there a few years back)….(squeal!!!) heaven on earth!!!

If you had one day to live what would you do?
Go somewhere I have never been…..I would head to the east coast of the US and visit some friends that I only see at haunt conventions or my friend in New York who is getting his first (major musical) play produced!!

What are you reading right now?
I just got a Kindle Fire for my birthday and I have been downloading free classic books….I just finished all the Sherlock Holmes books and am now reading Poe and H.P. Lovecraft.

What's on your iPod?
I live in an area that gets no snow (very rarely) but I have the new Kate Bush CD – 50 Words for Snow and I am so wishing that it would snow outside. It is the perfect winter album from my absolutely favorite singer/song writer. Not to be compared with….but I am also a Tori Amos fan….her new CD is the best thing she had done in 10 years….I actually can listen to the whole thing without skipping a song….have not been able to say that about her music in a while. And as “comfort food” I am a huge fan of anything Finn (both Tim and Neil) I am listening to Pajama Club, the latest CD from Neil and a few friends…and Tim just released a new CD…so we are bouncing back and forth an my iPod.

Three random things about you.
1. I hate spiders….but I think anyone that follows my blog knows that….they just creep me the *&@ out!!!

2. I hate my full name “Christine” – it was not until I got older and I could call myself “Chris” that I felt like a real person.  The definition of that name could not be farther from my belief system. My family still calls me “Christine” – just to make me angry.

3. I spent way too much time at Catholic school…..that is a special kind of torture. That is why haunted houses do not scare me.

If you had to write a book or make movie about you and your life? What would it be called and who would you choose to play you?
The Haunted House…that would be the title…or The Crazy Lady. I would love have Carolyn Jones or Angelica Houston from the Addams family show/movies. Cause if we are going to go that much fiction….that is who I would love to be. Plus I really want the house!!!

Dinner with three people dead or alive. Who and why?
1. Richard Fenyman – he was a genius that was able to access the rest of the world. Not too many people on his level can/could do that.
2. Steven Fry – he just makes me want to learn more…I so wish the Qi show was here in the US! I buy all his books and TV specials….he is definitely my favorite living person obsession. (You UK people have no idea how luck you are to have him!)
3. Tim Minchin - that is completely silly of me. But I have been a big fan of UK comedy for years….and his “Predujice” song is brilliant. Also being American, having “no christian” views makes me “not normal” – I would love to talk to him and say….not all Americans are the same….really some of us have a sense of humor. Now that I think of it….can I trade Tim for….
4. Neil Gaiman – the best story teller in the whole world. I probably would spend the whole dinner bowing at his feet.

What could you NOT live without?
The Davis Graveyard crew – which I am closer than to my actual family. They are the most creative and supportive people in the world. I am so lucky to have them in my life….and after that…black paint. Use about 20 gallons of it a year.

What would you do if you were a person of the opposite sex for a day?
I would talk to women and try to understand how men see them and maybe shed some light on our difference on communication. And then I would…..

If you could go back in time, what is the one thing you would change?
I had a very close friend that lost her son (and our friend) in a fire. Of all the gifts in the world I could give anyone….I would give her, her son back. I know that she misses him everyday of her life….to take that shadow off her heart…..I would give almost anything.

What is the one achievement that makes you the most proud?
That changes every year. But I would have to say that by creating this “being” called the Davis Graveyard, I have given a group of people the chance to be creative on a very large scale. To work alongside them creating things we almost did not believe possible….that is a constant joy to me. They never cease to amaze me!

What's your favorite color and why?
Red….it is scary and powerful….and I am a ginger, and I completely embrace the ginger!

What makes you happy?
Being around my husband….I adore that man – he is my world!

What makes you sad?
Those moments when I did not stand up for my (or someone elses) creative self.

Define the word sexy.
Someone that loves themselves without needing proof or verification from the world. You are what you believe you are…really, it is just that simple. Do not hide your light under a bushel!!

And now to get us in Friday party mood, here's a few Hooka Heels to get your drooling and dribbling...

Thought it would be appropriate to share these stunning heels seeing as I'm still on my Dukan Diet.  Aren't they sweet? and they're made by my favourite shoe designer Christian Louboutin, of course?
Wonder Woman heels
Python Leather Sky High Skinny Heels  *double drool*
Gianmarco Lorenzi Velvet satin corsage platform sandals

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dukan Tuna Patties

1 Can of Tuna (in brine)
1/2 Onion or Chives
1½ Tablespoons Oat Bran
A Few Shakes of Vital Fat Free Soy Sauce
1 Egg


1.  Mix Shredded Tuna, Oat Bran, Salt, Pepper, soy sauce and turmeric together
2.  Chop onion / chives and mix in
3.  A egg and mix
4.  Make into balls and flatten into patty shapes
5.  Fry in a non-stick pan

Rude Crude and Tattooed - Bloggers Ink Challenge

Everyone who reads my blog, knows that I'm a sucker for gorgeous tattoos.  I love the art that people permanently etch into their flesh and someon's ink always catches my eye in a crowd. 

I get extremely irritated by the customary questions strangers ask when they noticed you've been ink'd.   Yes, it is real.  Yes, it fucking hurt and no you don't get to touch it.

Not only do I love the artist interpretation of the ink and the choice of colours, but I love to hear the stories attached to the tattoos.  That's truly my favourite part because there is ALWAYS a story behind the ink.

Now is the time to share your story and your ink with A Daft Scots Lass and all her awesome Plonkers.

Can you beleive it's been 6 months since my last Bloggers Ink Challenge? So, since I have plenty new bangin followers and their follower's have new brilliant followers and those followers now Tweet and YouTube and Pin, that means there are plenty more
Plonkers out there with ink to share. 

(Last year I even got someone send in their temporary tattoo ink as an entry).  It is allowed.  As long as you've gone to some effort for the competition.  Henna it on, stick it on, draw it on.  Just ink your skin and send it to me, InkLovers.

There are rules to enter:
  • A clear photo of the tattoo
  • Should be able to identify which body part your tattoo is on
  • A short story about your beautiful ink
  • Leave a Comment on this post
  • Follow my Blog or Twitter or subscribe to my YouTube

YOU will decide the winner.  A Poll will go up as soon as I've received everyone's entries and you'll have about a week to get your votes in.

Get your tattoos photo entries in to before 20 March.

Competition Winner will win a voucher from offensive Foul Mouth Shirts

(but only if I get more than 25 entries). 


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Holiday Time

This is a lazy arsed post because I'm working at the Homemakers Expo this week and I'm completely swamped.

I do have ONE thing to look forward to.  We're booked and paid for a wee 5 day get-away in March (just after the Expo) to visit Pezulu Tree House Game Lodge

I can't wait to kick back, relax in my romantic jacuzzi bubble bath 5 meters into a tree, over-looking the animal at the water-holes in the bush.  

Ah Bliss...

I'll be happily chugging down alcoholic beverages by the truck load and sleeping in late on my king size bed listening to the lions roar.

OH Yes!

Be sure to come by tomorrow and check out my new competition.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Caption My Photo Competition #43

Happy Toozday, Plonkers.

You know what that means...Yeah, you need to get yer Thinking Cap securely fastened and devise some thigh-slappingly funny and sharp titles for my daft photo that I post every week in this wee slot.

You know I love it. 

You know you love it.

Just do it.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Monday Music Moves Me

Be sure to link up with Xmas Dolly for this week's Monday Music Moves Me bloghop

Happy Monday, Plonkers.


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Update and The Travelling Jock of the Bushveld

The Jock Projecct is for South African bloggers.

Jock is making his way around South Africa meeting new people, new places adn showing the English Foreigh Lanugeage Classes in France, what South Africa looks like and who lives there.

This initiative was created by Jenette Reitsma and to show her French kids in Flers, Orne in Lower Normandy what South Africa looks like, up close and person.

All you have to do is sign up and take Jock with you and take a few photos.

Jock at the local Alberton Football Club

The girls with Jock next to the AFC pitch.

Jock getting a kiss from A Daft Scots Lass in her office at work

Jock joined us for some KFC take-away South Africa style

Jock even went shopping with us to the Meyersdal Mall

If you want to take part, leave a Comment, Email me, Tweet me or YouTube me with your details so I can contact you and forward Jock on to you.

He's adorable and he doesn't pee on the carpet. 

Saturday, 18 February 2012

And The Winners Are ...

We have two winners today.  Yeeeehaaaww, you guys are frikken amazing.  No really, you guys are AWESOME.  There were so many great captions this week and lots of new participants, which is fucking BANGIN

The winner is for The Caption My Photo Competition is

Here's the winning caption that made me chuckle like an old whore bouncing on a carrot.

"I got confused when she asked me to hold her balloons"

The second winner of the two sets of double tickets to the Homemakers Gauteng Expo next weekend is Alet and Janet

Please contact me with your delivery address and I'll be deliverying the tickets to you next week.

info @ . net

Miss and Master Valentine

Kaylin's School held their annual Grade R Miss and Master Valentine Pagent on Valentines Day and I took time off work to go and watch the show. 

It was adorable.

Kaylin had a cute wee pink mini-skirt and puff-sleeved top picked out the night before the pagent and was so excited to wear it.  Now, most of you know, my girls are seriously dedicated Tomboys.  They don't wear skirts or dresses (only for "dress up").  So, this was quite a shock for me that she wanted to wear the only girlie items in her cupboard.

The morning came, and Kaylin got dressed in her adorable Valentine's outfit and about 3 minutes before we're due to get in the car and leave, she said "Mummy, I don't want to wear this".  I knew better to fight with her so I said "Quick, go change".  She put on a pair of old swimming shorts that have a hole in them and a Snoopy T-Shirt and says I'm allergic to school.


I figured if that's what she's comfortable wearing, then I say go for it.  I said "My baby, you don't need a pretty dress to look beautiful".  I told her she's special no matter what she's wearing.  

I arrived and all the kids were super pumped and excited to perform and walk down the make-shift ramp.  They all held wee individual heart-shaped numbers and blew kisses at the audience.

Of course I was bubblin like an idiot.  It was amy wee baby up there.

All the girls came down the ramp in their frilly pink frocks and all the accessories to match.  When Kaylin strutted down the runway in her runty shorts and attitude tee, I was beaming with pride that she felt comfortable enough to be different and for it not to be about what she was wearing.

Kaylin was super confident no matter what she was wearing and her smile lit up my world.

Here are some of the moments.

The make-shift ramp and judges table



Kaylin, my wee lassie,  on the ramp

Miss Valentines and her two Princesses

Master Valentine and his Princes

Kaylin with a friend and Teacher Je-anne

Kaylin winkled her way to the front as usual

Some of the girls and their fancy outfits

All the Winners
My Winner!!!


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