Saturday, 31 March 2012

Alberton Football Club Under 9 Team

Most of today was spent at Bedfordview Country Club watching Megan and her Under 9 Football Team play their wee hearts out in a Tournament.   A good day in the sun, watching 6 games of footie and now I'm knackered.

We are Yellow
We are Blue
We will Whip
The Pants off You.


Those of you who have visited my wee bloggy today, will be glad to know that you will be the first to know that the theme from A to Z Blog Challenge will be *drum roll please*

Mottos Versus Insults

See all your Plonkers tomorrow for the first day of the Challenge!

Happy Earth Hour 2012

Earth Hour is here!

I dared the world to save the planet by submitting my challenge on You Tube and sign up HERE.  I did.  I have!

Switch off your lights for one hour at 8pm today to celebrate Earth Hour. Organise a meet up to share this Earth Hour with your friends and family. It can be large or small, a candlelit dinner party with some close friends or a street party for the whole neighbourhood.

Just don’t forget to turn your lights out at 8.30pm March 31st 2012.

Just do it.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Friday Shoegasm and an A to Z Challenge Reminder

TGIF, Plonkity Plonkers. 
Today's pretty shoes and things are all from GoJane discount online store.  Awesome stuff and great bargains and guess what - this was NOT sponsored.  (I wish I could find a shoe store that would send me "samples" to review) especially from the states, as even if I wanted to buy from them, most online stores in the states do not ship to South Africa. Fekkin Bummer!

Denim Heels from GoJane $28.20

Green Pattered Ruffle Platfrom from GoJane $20.95

Pink Studded Peep Toe Platforms $21.95

Strappy Peep Toe Bootie from Go Jane $27.95

Make a statement with these Leopard Print Platform Boots from GoJane $19.95. Anyone wanna buy these for my birthday, they're dirt cheap??
Love this Tribal Print Bag from GoJane $49.50
I love this colour!  Assemterical Ruffle Sleeve Dress $20.95
Love these Colourblock Strappy Feather Sandals $23.60
Remember that I am taking part in the A to Z Blog Challenge during the month of April, which starts on Sunday. Be sure to come back to visit and leave a comment.  It's still not too late to sign up HERE  I'm #1058

Thursday, 29 March 2012

21 Signs You're in Lurve

Take a squizz at how blatantly obvious being "in love" can be

1. You find yourself sending a blank message by "accident" to start up a conversation.  Any excuse will do.

2. Although you're in a huge hurry to get to work, you walk really slowly when you're with them.

3. Your iPod is filled with Justin Bieber (aka their favourite singer).

4. You might be guilty of reading texts from them over and over again.

5. You add an extra smear of lipgloss at the end of the day because you know you'll see him in gym class.  You check out your hair in the mirror every five minutes just in case he pops in for a visit or bump into him at the shops.

6. You double take anyone who wears their cologne or perfume.

7. You agnoise over how long it should take before you reply to their Facebook messages.

9. You feel like they just "get" you.

10.  They're on your mind while you're reading this.  In fact you were so busy thinking about your lurve that you didn't realise No. 8 is missing.

11.  Suddenly you can relate every lyric of every love song to how you feel.

12.  When you're on the phone and it's time to hang up you think of something else to say just so you can talk a minute or two long.  You hang up, no,  you hang up!

13.  They're ALL you think about.

14.  You make a special effort to make sure their friends love you - not like, love.

15.  Your conversation with your pals revolves entirely around them. 

16.  You catch them staring at you.

17.  You just don't care about other guys or girls anymore, just him or her. Awwww

18.  You laugh at all their daft jokes - even though half of them are as funny as watching Wimbledon.  Oh the fucking hilarity!

19.  You strategically position yourself between him or her and any girl or boy who talks to them.

20.  You can't wipe the huge stoopid grin off yer face when you see a text from them.

21.  You check their Facebook page about 12 times a day - maybe 13.

So is it lurve with you?

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Prank a Plonker or Two

With April Fools Day coming up very soon, 4 more sleepies!  I have a few ideas for you Plonkers to try on your family, friends or colleagues.  Oh I do love a good prank.

Do you have a ceiling fan with an overhead light that your victim turns on using a pull cord? Trick them by substituting a fake pull cord attached to a cup of confetti balanced on top of the fan blade. Most fan cords detach which will make this easy to set up, otherwise use a substitute cord and tuck the real cord out of sight. They will pull the cord and get a big surprise! Booyakasha

This one I'm actually going to try.  I've set it up just waiting for the nail polish to dry and find a unsuspecting victim.  *evil chuckle*.  Find a bottle of nail polish that you don't mind emptying out, get a piece of wax paper and drip the nail polish out.  Wait for it to dry and peel the wax paper off and voila.  Time to set it up for your victim to be pissed off you ruined her new coffee table or desk.

Replace the hand lotion in your victim's lotion bottle with mayonnaise.

Get a long spool of ribbon. Tie one end to your victims doorknob with a little note that says "Follow the Ribbon." Then wind the ribbon all around their room, bed, desk, even all over the house. At the end of the ribbon, attach a note that says "April Fools!"

Offer to make a sandwich for the victim. But don't remove the wrapper from the slice of cheese. When they bite down they'll get a chewy surprise.

This one is fucking tops if you have computer users in the office!

Use Windows Task Scheduler to send your victim mysterious messages. Many people aren't even aware of this program so they won't know where the messages are coming from or how to turn them off. To set them up on Windows 7: Go to Start; All Programs; Accessories; System Tools; Task Scheduler. When the program pops up, click on "Create Task" and in the "General" tab, give the task a name and description. Then click the "Triggers" tab, click "New," and select how often you want your message to pop up (I recommend every 5 minutes), and when you want the task to start and end. Lastly, click the "Actions" tab, click "New," and choose "Display a message." Type your message in the box below. You could simply put "April Fools!" or write "Ha Ha, you're a Fucknob!", or whatever you prefer to do. Click OK. At the specified times, your messages will pop up. NOTE: To reverse your prank, click the task name box for the message you created. To delete it, double-click on it and then look on the right hand side of the screen for "delete." It may not disappear unless you refresh it.
Now go and plan some priceless pranks on your favourite Plonkers and let me know how it goes.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Caption My Photo Competition #48

Happy Toozday Bitches!

Here is this week's daft photo to caption

I can't wait to see what you Plonkers come up with this week.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday Music Moves Me Males


Xmas Dolly's theme this week is Your Favourite Male Artists.

Well, anyone who reads my bloggy regularly knows I'm a MASSIVE Jack White fan.  And guest what?  He's got a brand spanking new solo album coming out next month!  Can you say WhooooooofuckingHooooooo?

Jack is a genius guitar player, drummer, singer, song-writer, rock blues mad-man and he ain't too bad on the eyes either.  He's unique and original and has made the most awesome music with The White Stripes, Racounters, The Dead Weather and is fabulous in the mini-movie It Might Get Loud with Jimmy Page and David Evans aka The Edge from U2.

The gorgeous Paul Hewson aka Bono (my teenage heart throb) and 25 year ons and he's still hot.

Jim Morrisson - Sex on Legs

Lenny Kravitz.  He's also another hotty but extremely talented.

Michael Bublé's smooth sensual voice would make any woman smile.

I could only fit in a few but how could I forget my incredibly talented nephew.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Daft Scots Lass Vlogs

Go Kart Race Day at Megan's School

Megan had a Go Kart Day at her school recently and they had tons of fun dressing up like Pirates and Hoola Girls, chanting war cries and riding go karts.

Megan is so competitive and gave it her all.

Megan riding the Go Kart

Kaylin and Megan

Saturday, 24 March 2012

And The Winner Is...

This week's winner of the Caption My Photo Competition #47 is Slamdunk  

Email me on and I'll be sending you a wee something.

"Dude, I am going to have to bust a cottontail to get there first for Happy Hour at 5 pm"

Friday, 23 March 2012

Fawk You Friday and a Shoegasm

BWS tips button

Friday means it's time to vent, time to tell those FuckKnobs exactly what you think of them.  Link up with My Mad Mind and Boobies and Ready? Go!

Fuck You to the craving I had today for a thick slice of thick white freash bread with peanut button and jam on.  It actually made my tummy ache.  I had to actually go to gym and work out to get the image out of my mind.

Fuck You to the dream I had about all my teeth falling out and having to be put under anesthesia to get all my teeth replaced with implants.  My worst nightmare!

Fuck You to Winter that is quickly approaching.  You're such a Bitch now stop pissing on my battery and go crap on someone else's doorstep.  Piss off!

And now on to something that ALWAYS makes me smile.  A beautiful pair of heels.  Take me Shoegasm button, link up and let me know when you do so that I can come and visit and dribble all over your pumps.

Buffalo black and white peeptoes available at Zando

Plum Dido Taupe Boots at Zando

Plum Silver Platforms at Zando
Our rainy season has begun - these are ideal Tartan Wellies by  Funky Wellies

Have a FANDADIDOZIE weekend and remember to enter Caption my Photo Competition. This weeks winner will be announced tomorrow..

Thursday, 22 March 2012

I was so long in labour they had to shave me twice

Yesterday was a public holiday here in South Africa. Its was Human Rights Day so I invited my big sister and her clan over for a good old fashioned Souf Efrikén braai.

Unfortunately, the heavens opened up on us and it pissed with rain most of the frikken day but that didn't stop us from firing up the braai and enjoying some XBOX Kinect.

Megan, Janie, Mick, Claire and Kaylin enjoying their braai

Our newest edition to our family.  Meet Lucy

Me and Lucy-Loo-Loo

I also get a brilliant surprise in the post!  I got a parcel from fellow blogger Mr Cool aka Tom Tomoser with a lovely letter and his latest Greatest Hits CD just for me!  Thanx so much Tom - what a loverly surprise.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A to Z Blog Challenge April 2012

So, I finally got sucked in kicking and screamin signed up for the A to Z Blog Challenge.

It begins on the 1st of April and, no, its not an April Fool’s Day joke.  I have signed up for this Blog Challenge because I’ve had a bit of the old bastard blog-block for a while and haven’t written a decent post in ages.  I know…"useless" I hear you mumbling. 

Anyhoover, my A to Z Blog Challenge is going to have a theme.  I am not going to reveal my theme until the first day of the challenge so be sure to come back on 1 April and check out my twisted theme. 
Go sign up to blog from Monday to Saturday which gives you 26 days in April, 26 blog posts starting with each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. 

Also, go read the rules and everyone knows how much I detest rules, so you'll be sure that I won't stick to them.  I might just be doing a video to submit too.  Who knows...

See you on April Fools Day.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Caption my Photo Competition #47

Tooozday means its Caption my daft Photo Competition and this week its an Easter Theme so the winning prize will be Easter related.  Can you say whoooo frikken hoooo?

Caption this cracker, Plonkers!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Glasvegas Baby!


Och aye Plonkers, Happy Monday!

I thought because this week is a freebie, I'd share some of my favourite Scottish lassie singers.  Screw St. Paddy's Day and give Amy, KT and Sandi a listen.

and few other Scottish related nonsense

Saturday, 17 March 2012

And The Winner Is...

Not sure if you are aware, that this picture is A Daft Scots Lass on her beautiful wedding day and her handsome husband.  Yip, my Afrikaans hubby surprised everyone and wore a kilt.  It was VERY special.

And Congratulations to Not So Fat Nat who wrote the following caption:

"Och dinnae worry lassie... that's just mae wee Sock Snake, lesser known cousin of the famous Trooser Snake."

Email me your postal address so I can send you sumfink! info@redepapza[dot]za[dot]net


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