Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Wee Lassie Had a Fight with a Chair

Guess who won?

At the Hospital Waiting for the Doctor 
She came running down the slide, lost her balance and connected her face, mainly her nose, with a picnic bench chair.  


Blood everywhere!

We rushed off to the emergency room, where the doctor confirmed that she would need stitches to the gash on her nose. The doctor gave her pain medication and a sedative so we could go get an x-ray.  Kaylin then got really nervous, she because didn't know what to expect.  We just told her it was a massive camera that took pictures of her bones.

My brave wee lassie got her x-ray and we went back to the ER to see the doctor.  He injected a numbing agent into her would on her nose, and Kaylin screamed and cried.  

Poor wee button - it was really painful....and all I could do was hold her hand.  My Boerewors handled the situation beautifully and calmly.  He was awesome.

She got four stitches on the bridge of her nose and x-ray revealed no fractures only lots of swollen tissue.   I guess she's gonna have a shiner or two with this face plant.

Xrays show no fractures but she needed 4 stitches

Two hours in the ER and watching your little one ride the pain meds wave was certainly entertaining.  She was high as a kite last night and she couldn't understand why we kept giggling at her silly behaviour.

Now she looks a little like Neytiri from Avatar, minus the blue body paint.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Ouch! Poor thing. Noses bleed like crazy and hurt like hell. Been there, done that.
Don't know how much the trip to the ER cost, but watching her trip on pain meds must've been priceless.

cat said...

Ag shame mommy! Hope she feels and looks all better very soon

Andrew Leon said...

We've had our share of trips to the ER. Never fun.
Glad she's okay!

YeamieWaffles said...

This is adorable but I am also at the same time so sorry that poor Kaylin got hurt, her high on pain medication must have been a little funny although strange!

Jo said...

Poor kid. It's bad enough when you know what's going on. Hope she feels up to par soon.

So glad there were no breaks.

Ami said...

Aww. Poor kid. I hope she heals quickly and never argues with a chair again!!

Daniel Efosa Uyi said...

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KT Did said...

Boy! She's a strong wee lass! Those chairs can be tough fighters, but looks like she will be okay and go on to the next ...hopefully without a stitch :)

Melany aka Supermom said...

Poor kiddo. :(


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