Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Xmas Xylophone

This is one of the first generation Stylophones that had a transistor oscillator. 

My sister and I were gifted one of these babies in the 70s at Christmas one year. 

We learned to play the French nursery rhyme "Frére Jacque" on it and probably drove my parents insane!  I often wondered why the batteries were ALWAYS flat or we couldn't find any.

The first thing that always went on the Xylophones was the wire on the stylus, which apparently was a common thing.  Also, the metal parts around the "keyboard" usually came undone - ours was no exception.  This was a great wee toy that my sister and I enjoyed for years!

Today's music are the best auditions from X-Factor


Ranveer vishal said...

The good old days in the simplicity of music was something to die for.

Sarah said...

I think my parents gave up buying us anything requiring a battery when we were very little - probably to avoid just these sorts of situations! I'm sure they had no desire to listen to our songs over and over!


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