Thursday, 9 July 2015

Happy 40th Birthday, Jack

I discovered Jack White while scouring YouTube one day back in 2009.

I stumbled on the song "You Don't Know What Love Is" by The White Stripes.  I fell in love with their sound.  I loved the connection between Meg and Jack in the video and I had to find more!  

This was my first taste of Jack.  I then clicked on "Ball and Biscuit" and the dirty, raunchy bluesy guitar sucked me all the way in.  I was hooked.

Within a weekend, I had pretty much listened to all the early White Stripes stuff.   I had years to catch up!  

At the time, little did I know I had the entire world of The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, The Upholsterers to discover! 

Since then I must've watched "It Might Get Loud" a dozen times and trolled YouTube for interviews and rare footage of The White Stripes way back when they started at the Gold Dollar in Detroit.

Then came his solo career....  

Every Jack White fan waited with baited breath for the first taste of his solo album "Blunderbuss" and on January 30, 2012 we got to hear "Love Interruption" and we all fell in love all over again.

We had to wait until April that year to hear the entire album but it was worth the wait

Jack is a colorful character, with brilliant musical talent.  He’s an intense individual with many strong points of view.  He’s unique and has an awesome sense of humour. I love the desperation in his voice, his love of vinyl and the old blues classics. I love the way he looses himself in his guitar solos.  He’s equally as hot behind a set of drums too.

All his projects and bands have been so different and unique but still contains the essence of Jack White.  He never ceases to amaze and delight me with each record he gifts to us.
Jack’s music lives in my heart.

Happy 40th Birthday, Jack.  I hope you bring us lots more music to fall in love with

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Huntress said...

Good music is as hard to find as a good TV show or movie.

I'll check out Jack White and his stuff. Love the tip.

You have a blog award over at my site, *GRIN*


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