Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Superior To A Cinnabon

My Kiehl's Store Visit to Sandton City, Johannesburg to check out their wee pots and potions was better than a truck full of Cinnabons...

....with just with a whole lot less calories and guaranteed Carb-Free.

They had just received their brand new BB Creams as well as their Micro Blur Skin Perfector.  

Oh Yeah....

BB Creams
The BB Cream comes in four different colours or shades, is Paraben-Free and contains a SPF 50 and Vitamin C.  It does contain alcohol and is quite pricey for a BB cream at over R500.   

The Blur Skin Perfector is Kiehl's version of a skin Primer.  You know that stuff you slap on before you put on your make up that has the same affect at Polyfilla?  It fills all the holes and cracks and makes your skin appear even-toned and so smooth you slide uphill. 

Micro Blur Skin Perfector.
I even got a sample of the Skin Rescue to try out.

Soopa stoked.

Enjoy dipping yer doddle in my vloggy.

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