Saturday, 15 August 2009

Another Surprise

Riaan took us girls to the shops this morning and surprised me by buying me my much sought after laptop! My very own acer notebook. How kewl?

I told him we could've used the money for other things - things that we need more than a laptop, things for the house but he said that he's wanted to buy me one for ages and never had the opportunity. I guess it is his money so who am I tell him how to spend it.

You see, Riaan got a kick-back from SARS and decided to spend some of it on me. He said "Call it a belated Birthday gift". If you remember I didn't get a gift this year...well, I did, just a wee bit late.

I am using it as we speak, sitting on the couch under a blanket as I only got 3 hours sleep last night. My insomnia seems to be getting worse. I'm knackered and have been battling all week to stay asleep. Lying wide awake counting the ceiling panels or running through the day's events or trying to count sheep....its awful. Even after two sleeping tablets which did nothing but make me stumble all over the place and feel hungover today.

Got any cures for insomnia??? Any suggestions will help at this stage.


Laura said...

Oh man you are so lucky :) I have been wanting one for ages!!

Go Riaan :)

Sorry about the insomnia :( I have no advice or cures or stuff!

Mick said...

I had this problem going back some time, my Doctor would prescribe nothing.........his answer was if you are tired you WILL sleep.No coffee is a good start, hot bath before you go to bed and take the clock out of your room. At least turn it around so you can't see the time. Are you stressed? or worried? deal with that first.

Sally said...

great about the notebook

insomnia sucks, I never really found anything that helped. One thing i hear was that after a certain time if you can't sleep you should get up out of bed read somewhere else for 30mins and try again, your brain should not associate the bed with a frustrating place that you struggle to sleep. It has been too bloody cold for me to check this theory.


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