Friday, 7 August 2009

Day 5 of Cabbage Soup Diet

Yesterday was really hard. I kept seeing images of chocolate cake dripping with butter icing, glazed cherries and cream filling. Eeek! Very hard…so I just had a cuppa tea and tried to think about mouldy, maggot-ridden food to put me off. I also looked at my “skinny” photo which gave me motivation. Aunty Flo is also visiting so it doesn’t make my cravings any less quite the contrary, this time of the month I craved ALL the sweet things. So if I can get over this week on the cabbage soup it will be a miracle. L

We have been invited to a braai on Saturday and I don’t know how I’m going to cope with that either. To top it off my in-laws have invited us for Sunday lunch this week and that means “boere kos” (home-cooked meal) with ALL the trimmings. How am I going to say no? I need motivation!!!

8:20 – Black Tea and Banana
10-10 – Black Tea and Rusk
11:00 – Rusk
12:52 - Black Tea
13:30 - Naartjie
14:00 – Black Tea
14:30 – Cabbage Soup
3:45 – Banana
18:00 – Cabbage Soup
20:00 - Rusk

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Janie said...

Hey Gillian ,

I'm also on diet - I just keep a 'FAT' and 'THIN' photo nearby....and remind myself that NO food tastes as GOOD as thin feels ! - Stick to it , go for it ...get to where you wanna be.

iM JUST A WEE bit woRried bout your diet tho'...i understand cutting out fats/carbs...but PROTEIN too ??? have a WEE bit of plain steamed skinless fish every now and then for me PLEEEZ...???!!!


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