Friday, 28 March 2014

Friday's Shoegasm

Hi Beautiful Plonkers.

I hope you're having a Fffffffantastic Friday.  How can you NOT have a great day on a Friday? My Fffffavourite day of the week!  I have a very full and busy weekend planned.

I am looking forward to Pop-Up Cinema tonight with the lassies, karate tournament with my older girl-child tomorrow, shopping in the afternoon for winter PJs for the lassies and Sunday we have lunch with my Mother In Law and the girls' Great Granny.

With winter fast approaching South Africa, the shoe shops are filled with boots and closed shoes....blah!  I detest winter so I guess I'll go into hibernation soon. 

Zoom Tessie Ankle Boots

Scarlet Ankle Boots by Plum

Bronx Brogan Black Boots

Gino Paoli Wedge Ankle Boots

Have an fantabulous weekend.

See you next week for the April 2014 A to Z Blog Challenge.

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