Monday, 5 May 2014

I survived the A to Z Blog Challenge

I finished the April 2014 A to Z Blog Challenge, every single last letter.

Here's what I learned:

- I visited over 100 blogs
- I am following a new 8 blogs
- My followers only went up another 7
- 12% of my visitors use iPhones, WTF?
- My visitors came from these top 5 countries : United States, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom and South Africa
- I detest word verification. Its my new massive pet peeve.
- Some blogs also require you to sign up with Google+ to comment on their blogs. I didn't bother commenting on those irritating
- My daily visitors increased during the challenge from about 400 visitors a day to about 500 visitors a day
- I didn't comment as much as I wanted to with my week-long Easter holiday in amongst the challenge.
During the week away I didn't even look at my blog....naughty, I know but I was on holiday.
- The list of blogs to visit was simply overwhelming, perhaps next years you should make it mandatory to select a category and have the blogs listed per category.  Bite-sized chunks.  Then the list won't be quite so overwhelming ?
- Most blogs had a theme, which was awesome and everyone dug deep into their creative pits and put together well-thought out and well-written posts.
- My new favourites Kevin and Ermie

Congratulations to everyone to participated and finished the A to Z Blog Challenge. It's not easy-peasy task.

Here is the linky to share your A to Z Blog Challenge Reflections Post

See you next year, maybe.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Google+ commenting seems to be the most difficult.
A theme always makes it easier and more fun, doesn't it?
Thanks for participating! said...

I LOVE your blog. I'll have to poke around some more. :) Congrats on completely the challenge. This was my first time and I had a blast.
I had a hard time commenting on a lot of posts because of the signing in and word verification stuff, too.
Great post! said...

I Love this blog. I'm going to have to poke around. :)
Congrats on completing the challenge. This year was my first time and I had a lot of fun with it. I didn't get too creative, I just wanted to do it. You know, to see if I could. But now I'm hooked and next year, I'd like to do something fun.
Great post!

Jo said...

Didn't get to visit you as much as I would have liked. Doing this minion thing keeps you pretty busy.

The Glebe Blog said...

Well done DSL, another milestone.
I agree about Google +, it's a pain. Even though I have it I try not to use it.
Great to see you visiting the old folks, we need the love.
Have a nice day.

Click said...

Congratulations on completing the challenge.

I always enjoy seeing how people's stats change after the challenge. I love how random it is that 12% of people visiting your blog use iPhones. I recently noticed a few people visiting via some games console!

Entrepreneurial Goddess said...

Hello there.
Congratulations on completing the challenge! Thanks for sharing. I'm just stopping by briefly as I drive around on the 2014 A-Z Road Trip…don't forget to wave when you see me go by! (lol)

Entrepreneurial Goddess


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