Monday, 26 May 2014

South African Bands

Today's Monday Music Moves Me over at Xmas Dolly.

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Featuring some South African music today.



Can't have a Monday Music without Jack White


stevebethere said...

These are all new to me it's nice to hear new :-)

Have a tanfabulous week ;-)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Seven Side Story reminds me of the band Cold.

Marie Moody said...

I'm starting to like this Jack White guy! Girl, you have rocked the house once again! Gotta luv ya lots! Thanks for sharing & being such a wonderful friend! I hope you been watching your box I put up for you on my Pinterest. It's called "Shoes for my friend"! I add to it all the time cuz I know you love them! Hugszzzzzzz to you & your wee lasses! :) ROCK ON!

Joyce Lansky said...

These sound like great lounge type tunes . . . except for the last song. It's in a genre by itself.

Colette S said...

Thanks for rocking.




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