Thursday, 25 June 2015

Kiehls 3 Muskateers #ChangeYourSkin

Before Pic #nofilter
Happy Friday-Eve, Beauties!

When you turn 40, your skin is branded as “mature”. This is the pivotal time to invest in a trusted, good-quality skin-care product to help you keep your youthful appearance and combat those fine lines and flush away those dark spots.

My "mature" neck and chest area is constantly exposed to the elements and the sun. Its turning crinkly, crumpled and discoloured.  It needs extra attention.

So, I’m eager to try the Kiehl’s Spot Solution on my neck and chest area too. I will be using this product on my right forearm, so that we can measure the difference from one sun-damaged arm to the other one.  

Cleva, right?

I love the Kiehl's packaging of the skin care range.  It is simple, clean and classic and gives the impression of less is more, you know, good quality. 

The smell of the product is fragrance-free so there is no strong odour, which I’m super happy about, because I detest high perfumed facial products.  I can only describe the Kiehl products as Clean-Smelling.  

It has only been four days using the products, but my skin feels smooth and soft and well nourished.  

Stand by on Monday for a full week's report back of each of the 3 products I'm testing and some updated Week 1 "Before and After Pics".

See ya!




Bailey Schneider said...

I'm also a big fan of Kiehls! Very clever with your arm idea! Can't wait to read more on your review soon!

Mich said...

I, too, hate perfumed skin creams. And not just because I'm allergic to pretty much all perfumes.


Can I have them? God didn't give me any.


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